Building Healthy Habits for Egg Donors


If you’re considering becoming an egg donor, you must first meet a specific list of requirements to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved. Some of these specifications involve lifestyle changes to help ensure you are an ideal candidate.

Nutritious Diet

Maintaining a nutritious diet is a key component of being an egg donor. You’ll want to avoid all trans fats and substitute them with unsaturated fats. Trans fats are found in snack foods, french fries and animal products. By eliminating trans fats, you can decrease your insulin resistance, which makes it easier to move glucose from your bloodstream to the specific cells that need it.

If you don’t avoid trans fats in your diet and your pancreas continues to produce insulin, you’ll end up with high levels of insulin in your body. This side effect has been known to affect ovulation as it causes metabolic disturbances as well.

Eliminate Tobacco Use

If you are currently a tobacco user, you will need to quit the habit if you want to participate in the egg donation procedure. It’s also a good idea to wait for a short time after ceasing your tobacco use before applying to become a donor. This will allow your body to evacuate indications of cotinine, which is commonly verified by conducting a urine or blood test. Most candidates will not test positive after two weeks of zero tobacco use.

Have a Flexible Schedule

If you were going to have a baby, you would need to determine your fertile days by using an ovulation calculator in order to increase the chances of conceiving. However, when you go through the process of egg donation, you will actually inject yourself with a series of hormones that will help trigger ovarian stimulation. It’s important to keep your schedule flexible for two to three months so that you can participate in the entire donor process. You’ll need to be available for appointments and to participate in the egg retrieval process.

Mentally Prepare

Going through this process takes commitment and dedication. It’s important that you mentally prepare to fulfill your obligation when you begin the process. The process itself requires you to have a genuine desire to assist a couple or individual in making their dreams of parenthood come true.

By adopting these healthy habits early in the process, you will help ensure a more positive and successful outcome for both yourself and the intended parents. For more information on becoming an egg donor, contact the friendly team at Simple Donations online or give us a call at 1-866-41-SURRO.

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