The Single Man and Simple Surrogacy

The Single Man and Simple Surrogacy


Single men who want to have a family are now becoming fathers on their own through surrogacy. As an alternative to adoption, surrogacy and egg donation allows individuals to pass on their genetics using their sperm and a donor egg. With assisted reproduction, they are able to achieve biological parenthood and start a family.

Those unfamiliar with this subject may think it is an impulsive decision, selfish want, and impossibly unrealistic for a single man to have a baby. In actuality, the male desire to have offspring and be a father is quite simple and natural; and surrogacy makes it very possible! The types of single males who opt to become a dad through surrogacy do plenty of topical and clinical research, meanwhile consulting with their friends, relatives, and doctors. They make this decision as their biological clocks tick and their wishes to be a father continue to grow. For them, a major factor is being able to realize a dream of raising a family and wanting to have the time and energy to be an active male role model for their child. For many, surrogacy provides a life changing opportunity at just the right time.

The single-father surrogacy process involves a great deal of physical, mental and legal preparation. To ensure surrogacy success, he must make his own health, vitals, and fertility an extreme priority since a lot of efforts go into achieving results. The female egg-donor, who can be found and screened through a trusted surrogacy and egg donation agency, must also be an ideal candidate to assist in reproduction and be the carrier of the baby. Due to the legalities of this arrangement, and lawyers must be involved in every step to ensure that the surrogate mother understands whom the rightful parent after birth is. Usually, surrogate mothers are compensated for bearing the child; in some cases, the biological mother can still have some involvement after birth.

A major concern single surrogate dads face is that the child may not have two parents in their life, primarily a mother. However, a single parent can successfully raise a child. Some single surrogate fathers do find a spouse who becomes a part of their family; and homosexual surrogate dads may have a gay male partner involved in raising the child depending on the current laws of their state. Single surrogate fathers are now able to live their life as a loving father, and it is no longer uncommon for those to move on to having more than one child by means of surrogacy.

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