Surrogacy 101: Pregnancy and Delivery

Surrogacy 101: Pregnancy and Delivery

This article continues our series on informational articles about surrogacy.

After a successful pregnancy is achieved, the surrogate is released to her regular OB/GYN and fertility medications are discontinued gradually.

The first ultrasound usually happens between 6-8 weeks, and that is when you will find out how many babies your surrogate is carrying.

If your reproductive endocrinologist transferred more than two embryos of excellent quality, you should be prepared for the news that you are expecting twins! Twins frequently occur when two excellent quality embryos are transferred. If both embryos took, you would have fraternal twins. If only one egg took, but split, you would have identical twins. Many of our Gay couples choose to transfer one embryo inseminated by each father. We’ve had several sets of twins result from that procedure, one being related to each father!

Once the ultrasound confirms the number of babies, the remainder of the pregnancy will be like any other pregnancy. The Surrogate will go for checkups monthly, and the big ultrasound at 20 or so weeks will tell you the sex of the baby(s) if you want to find out.

During pregnancy, you will discover what an amazing value you have in Simple Surrogacy. Not only do we provide excellent care as a surrogacy agency, we go above and beyond in helping our parents register for their baby registry, locate a provider or class to teach baby care and first aid, and we even help them register for a CPR class. We’re happy to provide those services as a courtesy to our clients, especially to single Ifs and couples who might have very little experience with baby care. Another factor to consider if you have the news of twins is the specialty care they can require. We are happy to recommend support groups for parents of twins, and also recommend special twins baby care classes.

Once your pregnancy is well underway and your escrow is funded, all that remains is for you to enjoy the pregnancy journey with your surrogate. Simple Surrogacy will take more of a back seat during this time, while still checking on your surrogate and you throughout the process. Once time for delivery nears, we’ll coordinate with the hospital to insure legal factors are considered when the baby is born.

At most hospitals, we’re able to coordinate a room so that the new parents can room in with their baby, space permitting. For International parents, we’ll coordinate the receipt of birth certificate and help facilitate the passports the baby will need to return home.

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