Surrogacy 101- Medical Process Choosing a Clinic

Surrogacy 101- Medical Process Choosing a Clinic

Choosing your clinic is one of the most important factors in your journey to parenthood. Picking the wrong clinic can mean a bad experience, and ultimately you could spend thousands on the IVF treatments and never become pregnant.

The first thing many people look at when choosing a clinic is their success rates. One useful resource is a federal database kept by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that contains the success rates of fertility centers around the country. The statistics are updated every few years, so check the date. Keep in mind that some fertility centers that looked great several years ago may have had high staff turnover and declined in quality. It is important to verify that the main staff, such as doctors and technicians are the same ones that earned those high success rates. Numbers should not be your only consideration, but the numbers give you a place to start.

You should not choose a Center based solely on its statistics, but be sure that the clinic you are choosing has a high rate above the national average. At Simple Surrogacy, our experience with many clinics all over the nation and our high pregnancy success rates with those clinic gives us the distinct advantage of insight as we help you choose a clinic. We know which clinics and doctors are the most successful, and the easiest to work with. We can guise you to the clinic that will not only be the most successful, but that also will be easy and pleasant to work with.

You should be confident of the Doctor’s experience, and how long he has been performing the procedures that will affect your case there. You should also be given full attention while at the clinic and not feel like just a number. You will need to be comfortable, relaxed and confident in the clinic and their ability to help you achieve a pregnancy. You will want to have access to the staff when you have a question, and have a prompt response when a problem or concern arises. Simple Surrogacy Staff have personally visited the clinics that we refer to most,. And we have spoken to the doctors and toured their facilities, so we can fully attest to the quality of the care they offer.

Another important factor for many people when choosing a clinic is cost. The clinics we work with offer preferred rates to our clients because we refer to them so often. In most cases, we can save you off the normal IVF costs simply by being our client! In considering costs, you’ll want to consider what is included and what is additional. Some factors to consider are the costs of fertility drugs, which can cost thousands of dollars; ICSI; assisted embryo hatching; embryo cryopreservation; and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). These drugs and procedures can quickly increase the overall cost for treatment.

We’ve all heard the scary stories about embryos ending up in the wrong womb or ugly legal disputes over someone’s frozen eggs. To be sure you don’t become the next reproductive-technology headline, check that the clinic has good quality control and strong ethics. Simple Surrogacy has been working with our referral clinics for many years now, and we are confident in recommending them and have never had an ethics issue or violation with any clinic we refer to.

In short, as it is a very personal experience, you will need to be comfortable and confident in your choice of the clinic. But you should not have to decide alone. As a Simple Surrogacy client, you will have our many years of experience to guide you in your very important choice.

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