Surrogacy 101: Matching Process

Surrogacy 101: Matching Process

This article continues our series on informational articles about surrogacy.

The Matching process is the most fluid and tentative process of the Surrogacy Journey. Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates must rely on their agency’s expertise to make a great match between themselves so a great partnership can be formed. The relationship between the Surrogate and Intended Parent(s) is the most important in the whole surrogacy process. After all, the Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate will be spending the next productive year together! So, the matching process is very important.

To begin, all identifying information is removed from the Intended Parent(s) Profile. Then that profile is sent out to available, qualifying Surrogates who meet the Intended Parent’s requirements. Those requirements may include state of residence, willingness to reduce or terminate, experience, preferences on contact during and after pregnancy, and employment status. The Intended Parents may have many requirements, but the Surrogate will ultimately have her own requirements as well to pick her Intended Parents. Simple Surrogacy also determines if the parties personalities and common interests match well. All of these considerations are very important.

Once a Surrogate has reviewed the Intended Parent Profile, she will then contact Simple Surrogacy to discuss the potential match. If the Surrogate feels the Intended Parent(s) are a good match for her, we will then send the Intended Parents the profile of the Surrogate.

After the Intended Parent(s) have reviewed the Surrogates profile and are interested in pursuing a match, the Executive Program Director will set up a conference call between the Intended Parent(s) and potential Surrogate so they can get a better feel for each other.

If the call goes well and they agree to take the next steps, then a face to face meeting is scheduled. Typically all parties will meet for dinner or lunch to become better acquainted.

Once the Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate have met face to face, they will then call the Executive Program Director to discuss how the meeting went and whether or not they would like to pursue a journey together.

You are considered matched through Simple Surrogacy once you have met your Surrogate or Intended Parent(s) face to face and all parties have relayed to Executive Program Director that they would like to move forward with the medical and legal process.

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