Surrogacy 101: Matching

Surrogacy 101: Matching

After you have completed your profile, you’ll be assigned an Intended parent Number. That will be your identification to the Surrogates who will look at your profile anonymously.

We do not do forced matching, which means you are just given one appropriate surrogate. Instead, we believe that the relationship between Intended Parents and Surrogate is crucial to the success of the process, and so we want to match you with your most compatible surrogate.

The Surrogates in our program see the profiles first. They review the Intended Parents that are seeking to match, and from those profiles, they indicate whom they would be interested in working with. Once a surrogate has selected your profile, her profile is then sent to you. because of the nature of the system, you may have one surrogate or several at a time who indicate they are interested in matching with you. If you also like the surrogate’s profile, then we will set up a conference call between you so that you can get to know each other better. A Simple Surrogacy representative will be on that call to supervise the call and answer additional questions. If you like each other, then we’ll move forward. If not, the process begins again.

As you will see, the length of the process depends on many factors; how quickly you match depends on how choosy your are, and how your profile is seen by the available surrogates. Your flexibility and openness to the process will give you the most options.

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