Surrogacy 101: Intended Parent Profile

This article continues our series on Surrogacy Basics, Surrogacy 101. This focuses on the Intended Parent profile and the role it plays in matching our Intended Parents.

Surrogacy 101: Intended Parent Profile

After you have cleared the background check and interview, the next step is the completion of your Intended Parent Profile. We have recently introduced a new Intended Parent Profile that is available in a secure online web site.

You simply log onto the link that we provide to you and complete your profile. This profile is the single most important part of your Surrogacy matching, as it determines the first impression that surrogates have of you. Your profile will be sent anonymously at first, so they will not know your identity or address.

The Surrogates will read your preferences, read about you and your partner (if applicable) and read your letter to them. They will take this into consideration when they decide if they would be interested in working with you. To give the best possible impression, you should be honest, eloquent and sincere. We’ll help you with your responses if you’d like, as we have seen hundreds of profiles and we’re able to best judge how surrogates will respond to profiles.

You’ll upload images as well, so that the Surrogates can get to know you a bit better.

In your profile, you will also indicate your preferences for your surrogate. Your potential surrogates will not see that information, it’s just for Agency purposes so that we may match you most closely with the best surrogate. You will indicate your preferences, if any, on education, working vs. stay at home, ethnicity, etc. You should remember that the more preferences you have, the longer it may take to make your match. If you can be flexible, then more surrogates will be available to you.

All of this information, taken together, helps us provide a complete picture of you, your partner (if applicable) and what you are looking for in your ideal surrogate. Our expert program Director uses this information, as well as her years of experience, to put together surrogate and Intended Parent matches that result in excellent relationships and wonderful journeys to parenthood.

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