Surrogacy 101 Blogs: Becoming an Intended Parent

Surrogacy 101: Becoming an Intended Parent

After your retainers and Retainer fee are received, we’ll complete your retainers and return them to you. We will collect your information, such as address, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and Driver’s license numbers so that we can run background checks on you. The background check is vitally important, because if you have any criminal history it may prevent you from becoming a Parent through our program. Certain crimes may mean you have to undergo more extensive review, such as a home study or social worker review. It is important that we are aware of anything that would hinder your status as a client in our program, so we do the background checks first.

Once background checks are cleared, we then arrange for you to be interviewed by an associate psychologist. Every Intended Parent must pass the psychological interview before we may begin matching them.

If for some reason there are difficulties with your background check or interview, we will notify you and work with you to see if we can overcome the difficulties, either with additional screening or study, or testing. If we determine that we are not able to  work with you, we’ll refund your full agency fee, less the fee for the Psychological interview and background checks.

If you clear both the background check and interview, then you will move onto the next step, completing your profile.

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