Surprising Facts About Egg Donors

Are you thinking of becoming an egg donor? If you are considering egg donation as an alternative path to parenthood, check out these interesting facts about egg donors.

Egg Donors Are Young

When it comes to egg donation, donors are typically young. Donor eggs reduce the number of potential complications that are often found in pregnancy as women age. At Simple Donations, we request that donors be between the ages of 21-30. We enforce a minimum age limit to ensure healthy fertility. In addition, by the age of 21 women are entitled to legally enter into a contract. At this age, women understand more in terms of the level of commitment and responsibility that they are undertaking.

Level of Commitment

Compared to sperm donation, where a donation can happen quickly, egg donation is a long time commitment. Women don’t possess thousands of eggs, which can be freely given at any point and time. They must prepare themselves physically – meaning that they must take medication for a period of six to eight weeks. In addition, in order to stimulate egg development, a donor is required to take hormones and they must be willing to abstain from intercourse during the egg donation process – typically one month.

The Child Will Most Likely Never Meet Their Egg Donor

Moreover, it is uncommon for Intended Parents to request meeting their egg donor. Individuals who make the decision to donate their eggs usually are young women who hope to have their own children one day. Similar to donating blood, when it comes to becoming an egg donor, women donate because they are happy to help those in need and are willing to forgo any feelings of kinship attached to their donation.

Helps a Large Range of Women Become Mothers

Lastly, did you know that the decision to embark on egg donation helps thousands of women in the world who are unable to conceive on their own? Each day millions of women find out that they must face the reality of their infertility. It takes a kind and selfless individual to help another couple start a family of their own.

If you’re contemplating pursuing egg donation or know someone who is, make sure to read more about the subject. If you are considering fulfilling your dreams of parenthood through egg donation, contact us today to get started and to learn more about what the process entails.

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