Simple Surrogacy Anniversary

Simple Surrogacy was founded 10 years ago this year, and it’s simply amazing all of the changes we’ve seen in the surrogacy world and in our program since we were first founded!

Our agency was founded because as a previous Surrogate and previous Egg Donor, we knew we could do a better job of servicing Intended Parents and surrogates without charging the typical exorbitant agency Fees. When she joined Simple Surrogacy, Stephanie Scott, Scott, an experienced Surrogate, had had such trouble with her previous agency, and she knew she could do a better job had she to do it herself. Kristen Hanson, a experienced Donor and Financial Major, knew she could offer assistance to both donors and manage the process better on the financial end. At the time of our founding, surrogacy was not very common. Most of our clients were married couples in the beginning. Working hard on our client’s and surrogate’s behalf, we gradually gained a foothold in the surrogacy community and Egg Donation community.  Because of our previous experience and dedication to doing things as inexpensively as possible, but still taking the time to do things right, our business thrived!

From those humble beginnings we began to expand, adding previous surrogates as coordinators, associate psychologists and attorneys, and even consultants in foreign languages, foreign countries and cultures. Our staff has grown carefully over the years so that we have the very best combination of experience and knowledge available in our coordinators and consultants.

We’ve also made dramatic changes to our program in 10 years. Ten years ago, we had a just a very straightforward web site. Today, we have added  to our web site a dramatic number of  informational resources for our Clients, Surrogates and Donors.

We also launched a fully automated application process and sister website for Egg Donors, Simple On that web site, we review and accept applications from the very best donors all over the country. We’ve also launched just this year a similar site for Surrogates, allowing faster application and processing of Surrogate’s applications, medical records and insurance policies. This year, we will launch the Intended Parent profile available online, enabling our Intended Parents to easily apply to our program directly from a secure web site. A few years ago, we also added a legal Included Program for clients in Texas, to offer an even greater value to our clients by offering pre-negotiated rates by partnering with associate attorneys.

In 10 years, we’ve also seen a shift in our clientele. Previously, we served mostly married heterosexual couples. Now, we are seeing greater numbers of single and married or partnered homosexual couples. The single father trend is increasing in popularity, and we’re seeing higher numbers of men not willing to wait to have children until they meet a special someone. The news program 20/20 even selected one of our Fathers, Peter Gordon, to highlight in a special on single fathers in one of their upcoming programs.

The Surrogacy world has changed dramatically as well in the ten years we’ve been working in it. The number of clinics has grown, and the technology available at those clinics is much improved in 10 years. Now it’s very common to transfer 2 embryos and end up with twins, and every client we’ve recently had who decided to transfer three ended up with triplets! We also find it very common to have two Intended Fathers each choose to fertilize one egg from their donor, and the result is twins born, one each related to each father and with the same genetic mother! This is just one of the genetic advances available in the last 10 years. There have also been many clinical advanced with genetic testing, embryo selection and pre-transfer testing, all of which lead to increased success with the IVF procedure.

All of this has fueled the surrogacy world to more success and better advancements for our Intended Parents. It has also fueled our amazing growth of 231 babies born so far! We are awed and overjoyed to have helped so many babies come into the world and bring joy to their families. We eagerly anticipate the next 10 amazing years, and the changes and advances we can look forward to. We hope to help welcome many more new children into the world through our program!

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