The Rewarding Experience of Surrogacy

There are many reasons why women become a surrogate. Making the decision to become a surrogate is not an easy one and it takes a very special woman to make this selfless decision. Being a mother yourself, you understand what it’s like to raise a child. Children bring joy and laughter into your life. They teach you about patience, love, empathy, and responsibility. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world and no words can truly describe this life-changing experience.

However, being able to conceive a child is an experience that some individuals can only dream about. Today, many same-sex couples are looking for alternative ways to achieve parenthood. In addition, in the U.S. alone, 12% of women aged 15 to 44 have reported having troubles getting pregnant or have difficulties carrying a baby for an entire term. These are some of the reasons why many women are making the decision to become a surrogate mother.

Why Simple Surrogacy

We understand your concerns from an insider’s perspective. At Simple Surrogacy, 95% of our staff is female. As women, we understand the process of having a baby in a way that no man can ever fully relate to. We can also completely relate to your experience as a surrogate. Some of our staff, including our co-owner and co-founder Stephanie Scott, have been surrogates previously.

At Simple Surrogacy, we believe in simplicity. From simple processes to simple procedures, we want to make your experience as a surrogate as simple and seamless as possible. That’s the Simple Surrogacy difference.

A Personal Story

Meet Tiffany Jordan. She is one of the selfless women who made the decision to become a surrogate with our agency. Tiffany, a mother who has completed two surrogacies over the past three years, has recently shared her experience with InStyle Magazine. InStyle Magazine wanted to learn more about the surrogacy experience from an insider’s perspective. They wanted to dig a bit deeper to find out what motivates someone to become a surrogate and carry a baby for another family.

Why Make the Decision To Become a Surrogate?

During this interview, Tiffany was asked what motivated her to become a surrogate in the first place. Fertility is often something we overlook and take for granted. What Tiffany realized was that a lot of women close to her were struggling to get pregnant. In fact, one of her closest friends and her aunt were both struggling to have a baby. After giving it some serious thought, she offered to be a surrogate for her aunt. Soon after she had made her decision, her aunt ended up getting pregnant on her own. Although good news, Tiffany was left in the mindset that she wanted to help someone have a baby. This entire experience was an eye-opener and made her realize that many couples long for a child but are forced to cope with their infertility and inability to conceive. Whether it be an infertile woman or a same-sex couple, Tiffany really wanted to lend a lending hand in helping someone start a family of their own.

Getting to Know Tiffany

Tiffany grew up living with her Southern Baptist grandparents in Savannah, Georgia. She decided to become a surrogate at the age of 23 and was one of the youngest surrogates in the Simple Surrogacy group. Due to her age, this big decision was not easily accepted by her family and was even considered taboo. Her family tried several times to convince her to forgo the procedure, but Tiffany became a surrogate anyway. Loving the entire experience and joy it brought her, she even made the decision to become a surrogate for the second time. This time, her family was supportive the entire time and was just as excited as she was.

While her husband was on board with her decision the first time, he was still very nervous and apprehensive about the actual pregnancy, as pregnancy with their son was very stressful. However, following the success of her first surrogate experience, she said to her husband, “I’m going to do this again.” And to her surprise, he replied, “That’s great, let’s do it again!”

What are the Steps Involved in Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Once you have decided that you want to become a Surrogate mother, you must apply through a basic application. During this process, all candidates must answer questions regarding things such as age, height, weight, lifestyle, and information regarding previous pregnancies. Following that, there is a much lengthier application where you must fill out information regarding your education, interests, and family history. Once this is completed, the agency will put in a request for access to your medical records and you’ll either be approved or denied based on the results. However, once you are approved, it’s official! You are a surrogate.

For Tiffany, the process was quick and easy. She applied at the beginning of April and by the end of the month, she was already signed and matched with a couple.

How do you Respond to People who are Rude About Surrogacy?

After telling people about her experiences with surrogacy, a common response she receives is, “Oh, I don’t know how you do that. I could never give away my child, you must be something special.” Tiffany responds by comparing her experience to babysitting. Much like babysitting, when you make the decision to become the surrogate, you are simply looking after and caring for a child that is not yours to keep. At no point did she ever consider it her baby, it was always someone else’s. She was just taking care of the baby until it was ready for the parents to bring home.

What is the Best Part about Becoming a Surrogate?

Tiffany said that one of the best parts about becoming a surrogate was not only being able to help a deserving couple experience the wonderful joys of parenthood, it was also having the opportunity to create life-long friendships. Letting go of the parents was one of the hardest things, according to Tiffany. You become so attached to the parents because you are in daily contact with them and you go through so many things together.

What Surrogacy has Taught her

According to Tiffany, surrogacy taught her about sacrifice and loving others more than you love yourself. With so much going on in the world, Tiffany fell in love with the idea that she could have a long-lasting effect and positively help someone in need. Becoming a surrogate, helps you change someone’s life for the better and surprisingly, you are not left feeling empty. Instead, you are filled more with joy and compassion than before you began.

If you or someone you know is looking to become a surrogate, be sure to contact Simple Surrogacy. Make a difference in someone’s life and join this community of amazing women today! Visit our website to read through the list of requirements to see if you qualify.

Read more about Tiffany’s experience and check out the full InStyle interview here.

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