Peter Gordon is about to become a Father!

One of our wonderful Intended fathers, Peter Gordon, is about to be come a Father. His Surrogate is currently in labor right now with his twins, and he’ll be a dad any moment! Here is a post on his blog about us. Thanks, Peter, we feel the same way about you!

Peter’s story will be featured on 20/20 on ABC

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Simple Surrogacy

Dec. 15th 2011

Look no further than Simple Surrogacy for an agency to fulfill your dreams. There is no question that Simple Surrogacy is absolutely the best. I have been with them since last November and I am expecting twins in December! They introduced me to what I believe is the BEST Surrogate (Gestational Carrier) a single Intended Father could have hoped for. The entire process has been AMAZING, from the first time I met my wonderful surrogate to the embryo transfer, to finding out that I had twins on the way on our FIRST TRY, to seeing the twins on Sonogram for the first time.

Stephanie Scott is the Executive Director and has been hands on throughout the entire process. A wonderful and caring person who understands what we are going through as she has been a surrogate herself, Stephanie goes the extra mile to ensure that all of your questions are answered, needs are met, and oversees every move of the process. She really takes very good care of you. I know that I am a client, but she makes me feel like family. I had extremely high expectations and she has lived up to every one of them! Stephanie also takes very good care of the surrogate, which is extremely important to me.

As you can see, there is no doubt in my mind that Simple Surrogacy is the way to go. I did my due diligence and researched a number of agencies. I feel incredibly thankful to have found them. Given the chance to do this again, I would absolutely go right back to Simple Surrogacy. Of course, I wouldn’t have to go far to find them as Stephanie is a part of my extended family now. You can search all you want but know that you can’t get better than Simple Surrogacy!

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