Egg Donation: How you can help with infertility

Egg Donation and Infertility Many young girls dream about being a mother. They carry their baby dolls around from a young age, strapping them into play strollers and moving a toy high chair next to their own seat at the dinner table.

After months or even years of trying to grow your family without luck, infertility can be heartbreaking.

Infertility can be caused by a variety of factors, and through this difficult time it is important to remember it is not your fault. In a time like this, the last thing you want to do it beat yourself up about it.

It is also important to keep in mind that infertility can even be cured by many factors. In recent years, with medical advancements, many women over 40 have been able to carry a pregnancy to full term, without any complications. Although it may seem small, this is something that would never have been thought possible, without concern for the mother and the baby, just even a decade ago.

Regardless of the reason why, many women who have difficulty conceiving their own child are now turning to egg donation.

Women are born with a finite amount of eggs, and as a woman grows and matures, hundreds of eggs die monthly, leaving a woman with a smaller pool of eggs and an even fewer number of eggs that are capable to carry out a full, healthy pregnancy.

As a woman grows closer to the age of 40, she has fewer eggs than ever, making it difficult to conceive.

A woman of a younger age however, has a greater number of younger and healthier eggs, which makes it quiet easy for her to conceive.

A common misconception in fertility is the age of the mother matters the most when trying to conceive. In actuality, the age of the egg plays a much larger role. When an egg from a younger woman is implanted in the womb of an older woman, pregnancy has a much higher chance of occurring.

For many infertile women, it is the their eggs that cause the problem. They may be able to carry their own child perfectly fine, but need help getting things started with an egg.

If you are a younger, healthy woman who loves to give back to others and help them realize their dreams, egg donation may be worth your consideration. Think back to your own baby doll, and how much you loved it. Give the gift of motherhood through egg donation.

If you would like to learn more, visit our egg donor page, where the entire process of egg donation is made simple.





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