Crowdfunding for Surrogacy- A good idea?

Crowdfunding is popular lately, and it is now a trend in the increasingly expensive surrogacy and infertility world. Simple Surrogacy has a couple who is currently using crowdfunding to supplement the costs of their surrogacy process. We have seen many cases where parents turn to this process to supplement their savings for the journey. It’s a controversial process at best, as these individuals are appealing to strangers to help fund their dreams of creating a family. But at Simple Surrogacy we believe that everyone who wants a family deserves to have one, which is why we offer lower fees, financing options, and will support your fundraising efforts no matter what they might be.

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Why Should I Become a Surrogate?

Have you ever thought about becoming a surrogate? There are many positive, valid reasons why women choose to become surrogate mothers, the main one being to help intended parents in having a child. If the idea of being a surrogate…

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Lesbian Surrogacy: Giving the Gift of Life

We often talk about gay and lesbian intended parents and how they can benefit from the services we provide at Simple Surrogacy. What if you are a lesbian who wishes to become a surrogate mother? If that is the case,…

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Questions Indented Parents Should Ask Surrogacy Agencies

If you are considering becoming a parent through surrogacy, congratulations! You have taken the first step towards what promises to be an exciting time in your life! Naturally you have questions when you are trying to decide on which surrogacy…

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