Crowdfunding for Surrogacy- A good idea?

Crowdfunding is popular lately, and it is now a trend in the increasingly expensive surrogacy and infertility world. Simple Surrogacy has a couple who is currently using crowdfunding to supplement the costs of their surrogacy process. We have seen many cases where parents turn to this process to supplement their savings for the journey. It’s a controversial process at best, as these individuals are appealing to strangers to help fund their dreams of creating a family. But at Simple Surrogacy we believe that everyone who wants a family deserves to have one, which is why we offer lower fees, financing options, and will support your fundraising efforts no matter what they might be.

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Friends Who Love Being Pregnant? Refer Them to Us and Earn $1K.

Pregnancy is a unique journey for every woman that experiences it. Some people love the process, which is why they decide to help others and become surrogate mothers. Do you have a friend who loves being pregnant?  At Simple Surrogacy…

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Financially Support Your Family While Still Caring For Them

Are you interested in helping your family achieve financial stability while still being able to care for them? Are you a stay-at-home mom and find yourself looking for ways to make income from the comfort of your own home? Becoming…

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Why Surrogacy Age Won’t Impact Success Rates

Since the dawn of time, women have always remained aware of their ‘biological clock.’  In the western world, our twenties to early thirties is the ideal age range to give birth. In other cultures, it may be that as early…

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