Crowdfunding for Surrogacy- A good idea?

Crowdfunding is popular lately, and it is now a trend in the increasingly expensive surrogacy and infertility world. Simple Surrogacy has a couple who is currently using crowdfunding to supplement the costs of their surrogacy process. We have seen many cases where parents turn to this process to supplement their savings for the journey. It’s a controversial process at best, as these individuals are appealing to strangers to help fund their dreams of creating a family. But at Simple Surrogacy we believe that everyone who wants a family deserves to have one, which is why we offer lower fees, financing options, and will support your fundraising efforts no matter what they might be.

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How to Choose an Egg Donation Agency in Texas

Egg donation is currently a major force in the assisted reproduction process. Women donate their healthy eggs to aid other individuals in their journey to starting a family. That said, both intended parents and egg donors work with an agency…

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Navigating the Intended Parent and Surrogate Relationship

The relationship between the intended parents and their surrogate is like no other. As with any collaborative partnership, certain elements contribute to its success, including defining expectations, creating boundaries, establishing mutual trust, maintaining open communication, and finally, being flexible. Making…

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Realize Your Dream with Single Father Surrogacy

Parenthood is truly a blessing and a double treat for those who may have achieved it exactly as they had planned. However, many aspiring parents are unable to have children biologically due to various reasons. This is where surrogacy helps…

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