“Breeders” are NOT a sub class of Women- How the ABC documentary gets it wrong

There is a new ABC documentary that claims that women who are “Breeders” are a sub-class of women. This documentary, created by the conservative Center for Bioethics and Culture, tries to put surrogacy in a negative light by showing the few cases where issues can arise in a surrogacy. They cut and edit in such a way as to make surrogacy look exceedingly horrific and difficulty-filled.  The documentary spins surrogacy in a light that is unfavorable, purporting to have the interests of the child at heart, and stating that any child born at the heart of a financial transaction can’t be well cared for or even loved. We believe that this documentary is distributed to try and spin surrogacy into a horror story and to steer surrogates away from giving the gift of life to deserving parents. As the Center for Bioethics and Culture is a conservative body, and many Gay parents are turning to surrogacy to create their families, it is likely that the Center’s goals are to limit the available number of surrogates who would carry for Gay couples. They purposely choose stories where the surrogate is upset or crying, to try and show that the surrogate was hurt during the process. By referring to the surrogates in a derogatory manner- as “breeders” this program’s goal is to disparage surrogates, really to disparage all women who choose to bring life into the world. It is appalling that ABC news would sell this as a “documentary” when it is so clearly a one-sided tale designed to turn people away from surrogacy. The Center for bioethics has a long history of disparaging all forms of assisted reproduction- from sperm donation to egg donation and now, to surrogacy.

We sincerely hope that all potential surrogates and Intended Parents do not take any advice or experience from the one sided stories presented in the “documentary.” Throughout our years in the surrogacy industry, and as former egg donors, surrogates and intended Parents, the Staff and owners of Simple Surrogacy have seen the Surrogacy and egg donation fields form every possible angle and concluded that while there are some misfortunes, everyone who enters into the surrogacy or egg donation process is trying to create a life to be loved by everyone involved. The women who choose to be surrogates and egg donors are strong, loving, feminine women with hearts of gold, trying to help others with their gift of life.

Shame on the Center for Bioethics and Culture and also on ABC for trying to promote their conservative agenda by claiming otherwise. We hope our readers, Surrogates and Parents will do your research to determine the facts behind surrogacy and egg donation and not take to heart a slanted view of a wonderful gift.

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