Top 3 Reasons To Use Surrogacy In Texas

One of the first decisions that Intended Parents must make is where they will begin their surrogacy journey. Many Intended Parents browse through several surrogacy companies and weigh their options. One thing that does not often come to mind in this process is the benefits that selecting agencies in certain states can bring. If you’re thinking about having a child via surrogacy, there are many benefits to choosing to do so in the state of Texas. Keep reading to learn more about some of the benefits that choosing Texas as your surrogacy state brings!

Lower Agency Fees

One of the most common questions that we receive at Simple Surrogacy is how we are able to offer our clients much lower rates for our services than comparable East and West coast agencies. The answer is simple – we’re located in Texas. We have the benefit of operating in a state with no state income tax, unlike other comparable agencies in other states that must pay income tax to their state on their earnings. This alone allows us to cut 10% off of their costs right off the top.

In addition, the cost of living in Texas is 10-15% lower than in California, Massachusetts, New York, and Florida. This means that agencies like Simple Surrogacy that are located in the state of Texas have lower overhead and expenses (rent, utilities, personnel, etc.) which allows us to pass the savings along to our clients.

Family Friendly Texas

The legal for Surrogacy in Texas is also among the most secure of any state in the nation. Texas has strong laws that legalize gestational surrogacy and make the Intended Parent(s) legal parents before the child is even born. The law being on the books, instead of up to each individual judge ensures that everyone entering into donor and gestational arrangements in Texas are fully protected.

Egg Donation Contracts

Texas also has Egg Donor laws that cover all arrangements where sperm, eggs, and embryos are donated by a third party for several decades. These laws cover the transfer of the sperm, eggs, and embryos to an Intended Parent or Gestational Surrogate. These laws hold that the individual donating is giving up all rights and obligations to any future created children from their donation which means there is no need for adoption procedures.

Simple Surrogacy is a female-owned and operated surrogacy agency. Our team is composed of past Egg Donors and Surrogates who are able to give our clients a unique insider perspective on the journey. If you’re considering using surrogacy to start or grow your family, contact our team today at 1-866-41-SURRO or send us a message!

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