Intended Parents and Why They Choose Surrogacy

When an individual is considering surrogacy, it’s likely they possess the desire to help others achieve their goals of becoming parents. These individuals—commonly known as Intended Parents—will define your exciting surrogacy journey. As a Surrogate, you will understandably develop an intimate relationship with them and learn why they decided to choose surrogacy to start or grow their family. 

Every Intended Parent or couple’s decision to choose surrogacy is different but there are definitely some common elements regarding why they opted for surrogacy. Before deciding to become a Surrogate for someone, it’s extremely important to understand what the Intended Parents have gone through previously so it’s clear what to expect from your relationship and how important your decision is to them.

Who are Intended Parents?

It’s likely that your Intended Parents are individuals who have tried for many years to have a biological child of their own, either traditionally or with the help of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Or, they are a same-sexcouple who knows they need assistance to create their family. Their dream is to become parents and to start a family of their own. In order to make their dream a reality, Intended Parents are willing to do almost anything—including embarking on the surrogacy journey. 

Intended Parents vary as there is no typical Intended Parent profile. For example, Intended Parents can be single men who want to be fathers, single women who cannot carry a child to term themselves due to potential health risks or infertility, same-sex male couples, same-sex female couples who cannot carry a child themselves, or heterosexual couples struggling with infertility or other complications. Unfortunately, the number of individuals or couples struggling with infertility is increasing each year—and it’s not just women who experience infertility. In recent years, there has been an unfortunate increase in males experiencing infertility difficulties with their sperm and/or reproductive organs. 

In addition, the number of males, females, and couples using infertility services in order to achieve their parental dreams is increasing as well. Oftentimes, when Intended Parents decide to embark on their surrogacy journey, they have already experimented with IVF which can be an emotionally and physically exhausting process. When their IVF process is deemed unsuccessful, many Intended Parents decide on surrogacy in order to achieve their dreams of parenthood. 

Why Intended Parents and Couples Choose Surrogacy

Following an unsuccessful IVF procedure or experiencing difficulty conceiving, Intended Parents have to decide whether to pursue adoption or surrogacy. It’s extremely common for Intended Parents with a desire for a biological child to choose surrogacy—especially if they have additional embryos remaining from their previous IVF procedures. This choice provides the Intended Parents with a chance of a biological child but also provides them with an opportunity of being involved in the entire pregnancy. As the Surrogate, you will help make the Intended Parent’s dream of parenthood become a reality—a dream they have hoped for, for many years. Not all Intended Parents have experience with IVF before opting for surrogacy. Many single parents and same-sex couples have opted for surrogacy as their primary choice of having a biological child. The surrogacy process provides all Intended Parents with the opportunity of having a biological child—and despite any hardships they may experience during the process, it’s a process that’s worth any potential hardships once they are holding their child following the delivery. As a Surrogate, you are an essential component of the process that made their lifelong dream of a family and parenthood a reality. 

Before choosing to become a Surrogate, in order to help those achieve their dreams of parenthood, it’s extremely important to understand what becoming a Surrogate entails in complete detail—especially your relationship with the Intended Parents. It’s vital to consult with your doctor and surrogate specialist when deciding whether or not to become a Surrogate. Not only will one of our surrogate specialists guide you through the entire process, but they will also partner you with Intended Parents that match your criteria. After potentially being connected with the Intended Parents, it’s vital to have a thorough conversation with them before moving forward with any agreement. Regardless of how long or difficult the surrogacy process may be, it’s important to remember that you will be providing the Intended Parents with the most meaningful gift possible—a child. Your relationship with the Intended Parents during and after the delivery will be extremely strong and important. 

Even though many individuals and couples experience difficulties becoming pregnant for various reasons, surrogacy provides them with the ability to experience pregnancy firsthand. Regardless of the underlying issue causing pregnancy difficulties, starting a family is still possible with the use of a Surrogate and Simple Surrogacy. Our specialists are available to discuss your options in complete confidentiality—providing you with comfort and security as we find the perfect solution to making your dream of parenthood a reality. Contact us on our website or call 1-866-41-SURRO today!

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