How to Choose a Fertility Clinic

With the many steps of the IVF journey – from egg donation and retrieval to sperm donation – choosing a good and respected fertility clinic should be at the top of any Intended Parent’s mind. Fertility professionals help your surrogate become pregnant and bring your child into the world, which makes this choice crucial in the success of expanding your family. 

There are so many factors to consider that choosing a fertility clinic can, at times, feel completely overwhelming. Intended Parents can eliminate much noise with a full-service surrogacy agency by using their coordinator’s recommendations – recommendations that are made after meticulous research, coordination, and years of experience. 

Intended Parents should consider some of the points below when determining what kind of clinic they want.

Location, Location, Location

There are many appointments to attend at the onset of the process. Intended Parents may be inclined to choose a fertility clinic closer to them to eliminate long commutes. 

We urge parents to consider a fertility clinic closer to their surrogate instead, as they will also need to attend many appointments prior to pregnancy. Choosing a clinic close to your surrogate also saves future parents money, as they do not need to pay for additional travel expenses.

Finding a quality fertility clinic in your surrogate’s area can be difficult, but our Intended Parent coordinators are here to ease that burden. With a well-researched list of fertility clinics, determining location is one thing Intended Parents with Simple Surrogacy don’t have to worry about.


Using a fertility clinic is not cheap, so keeping your budget in mind while determining which clinic to work with is essential. Cheaper is not always better, but finding an excellent clinic that fits into your financial plan is possible. Much of the cost of the fertility clinic can be mitigated by your insurance coverage, as long as the clinic accepts it.

Some clinics also offer a Financial Assistance Program to make their services more affordable. If offered, details will be available and easily accessible on the clinics’ website. 

Your budget is something your coordinator will keep in mind when working up recommendations to ensure you will maintain financial viability throughout the process.


Surrogacy requires certain services for the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. To choose a fertility clinic that is right for you, make sure the clinic you like covers:

  • Medical Screening
  • Cryopreservation
  • Genetic Screening
  • IVF
  • Connect to a Gamete Bank
  • Gamete Retrieval
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Any other tests you want to be done

Your agency will only recommend clinics that fulfill the requirements of their programs. However, if there are additional tests you want done or services you need from a fertility clinic, mention this to your coordinator to narrow down the list.

Type & Size of the Clinic

The size of your clinic can determine the level of personal touch the staff will likely take with you. This is a personal preference to keep in mind while looking. Perhaps you would like your fertility visits to be all business, or maybe you would like a more personal touch with a staff that remembers you each time you arrive.

Fertility clinics range from boutique to hospital-sized locations, but size isn’t exclusive to quality making this a personal preference in your search. Intended Parents differ vastly on this opinion and we recommend discussing it with you and your partner.

Success Rate

A clinic’s success rate is an important statistic, as it shows how many successful explanations and treatments they’ve performed. If you want to research this rate, it is easily accessed through sites like the SART website.

An important note about Success Rates: Some clinics only accept clients with a high chance of success to maintain a high success rate. All Success Rate statistics should be taken with a grain of salt.

When considering a success rate, remember no one’s journey is the same, and you should not compare your chances to others. A high-quality clinic will give you your best chance at a successful transfer. Your coordinator will also recommend reputable businesses with a reasonable success rate to you.


Former Intended Parents are a great source of information for this stage of the journey. Regardless of success rate, website, or appearance, the true professionalism of a fertility clinic is accessible through testimonials.

Check in on potential fertility clinics through online review groups, review sites, and your coordinator. Coordinators often use the same fertility clinics they’ve seen previous clients have positive experiences with.

Egg Donation Services

If you opt not to go through a full-service agency like Simple Surrogacy, you may also need to consider the egg donor benefits and quality when looking at clinics. However, Simple Surrogacy has its own egg donor set that assists our Intended Parents during conception.

Contact Simple Surrogacy here if you have questions about choosing a fertility clinic.

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