Bonding With Your Baby After Delivery

There’s a deep emotional bond rooted between a parent and their child. This bond is what makes a parent’s instincts kick in, to care for and protect their child. This is extremely important for the child’s sense of worth and self-esteem. One might wonder how can an irreplaceable bond be formed if you are not carrying your own child? Here at Simple Surrogacy, we are here to help guide you through this transitional phase. 

For babies who are born from surrogacy, the bonding doesn’t have to wait until the Intended Parents take the baby home. It’s vital to have the Intended Parent or Parents involved as much as possible. From the early stages of pregnancy, the baby naturally has a strong sense of smell and hearing, and attaches themselves to the woman carrying them through touch, smell and hearing. This is why we recommend that the Intended Parents talk to the baby. The baby will become comfortable and familiar with the Intended Parents by hearing their voices. Intended Parents can even send tapes of their voice for the Surrogate to play for the baby. 

To allow for the transfer to be smooth between the Surrogate and Intended Parents, it is ideal to have Intended Parents be part of the pregnancy as much as possible. Everything from attending doctor appointments, decorating the nursery, and having a baby shower, are all ways to help the Intended Parents feel involved throughout the whole journey. Providing a transitional item is another highly recommended suggestion that Intended Parents can provide. Having the Surrogate sleep with a teddy bear or stuffed animal that she plans on giving the baby when they are born, gives the newborn a sense of familiarity and comfort, just from the scent of the Surrogate. Upon birth, the baby needs to confirm all the things they have been hearing, smelling, and feeling while they were in the womb. Allowing the Surrogate to hold the child after birth allows the baby to confirm their senses in the outside world, which is vital for their growth and development. Once the Intended Parents take baby home, skin-to-skin contact between baby and parent is highly recommended. The close contact will help both parent and child to build a physical bond. Intended Parents must always remember that when their newborn is fussy or upset, it has nothing to do with Surrogacy. Babies are naturally fussy. 

The whole goal of surrogacy is to create or complete a family. Nothing will bring joy to the Surrogate like seeing her efforts complete. Try to stay in contact as much as you’re comfortable with, to have your Surrogate see the good she has done. Bonds between child and parent are extremely important for both the child and the parent. Bonding with their parents is what allows a child to feel comfortable in almost all aspects of their life, and is what allows a parent’s instincts to kick in. Bonding with your child during the Surrogate’s pregnancy will help make for a smooth transition when bringing the baby home. If you have more questions regarding surrogacy, contact Simple Surrogacy today!

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