Empowering The Surrogacy Journey: The Role of Doulas


Doulas have been integral in childbirth for centuries, offering invaluable support to women during labor. In the context of surrogacy, where the dynamics are unique, doulas play a crucial role in assisting both the gestational carrier and the intended parents throughout the journey and birth process.

The Role and Benefits of Doulas in Surrogacy Births

Derived from the Greek word meaning “a woman who serves,” doulas are professionally trained birth coaches who provide continuous one-on-one care, guidance, and emotional support to pregnant women during labor. While they do not offer medical care, doulas focus on the woman in labor and her support system, ensuring a smoother experience while medical professionals concentrate on the baby’s well-being.

Why Doulas Are Essential in Surrogacy

In surrogacy births, the presence of a doula is particularly valuable due to the intricate dynamics involved. Intended parents may have questions or concerns about the birthing process, and there might be language or cultural barriers, especially in international surrogacy arrangements. Doulas bridge these gaps by providing support, explanations, and emotional guidance to both the gestational carrier and the intended parents.

Four Key Ways Doulas Support 

Surrogates and Intended Parents

Preparation for Birth:

Doulas assist in creating birth plans, outlining preferences and contingencies. By discussing options and possible scenarios, they ensure that everyone’s wishes are  understood and communicated effectively to the medical team, enhancing the birthing experience for all parties involved.

Emotional Support:

Labor can evoke a range of emotions for both surrogates and intended parents, from anticipation and excitement to fear and anxiety. Doulas offer a comforting presence, especially for gestational carriers who may feel overwhelmed amidst the excitement of the intended parents and medical professionals.

Delivery Room Communication:

Doulas act as intermediaries in the delivery room, especially in situations where intended parents may be absent or delayed. By keeping the intended parents informed of the labor progress, they ensure their involvement and provide reassurance during a potentially stressful time.

Processing the Birth Experience:

After the birth, doulas help surrogates process their experience, offering a safe space to discuss thoughts and emotions. By documenting labor progression and facilitating reflection, doulas support gestational carriers in understanding and embracing their role in bringing the intended parents’ baby into the world.

Clarifying the Role of Doulas 

It’s essential to recognize what doulas do not do. They do not perform medical tasks, offer medical advice, make decisions, or replace the role of a partner or support person. Doulas respect the autonomy of the gestational carrier and intended parents, focusing solely on providing guidance and support throughout the birthing process.

Cost Considerations and Recommendations 

The cost of hiring a doula varies depending on factors such as region and experience, with an average range between $800 to $2,500. It is advisable to secure a doula early in the surrogacy journey to establish rapport and ensure compatibility. Surrogates should interview multiple doulas to find one that aligns with their personalities and needs, as their comfort and support during labor are paramount.


In the intricate journey of surrogacy, doulas play a vital role in providing guidance, support, and emotional reassurance to both gestational carriers and intended parents. By understanding the unique dynamics of surrogacy births and tailoring their care accordingly, doulas contribute significantly to enhancing the overall experience for all involved parties.


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