Debunking the Top 5 Common Myths of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is gaining more popularity lately making dreams come true of couples trying to become parents more easily and efficiently than ever before. However, it is still a fairly unfamiliar process with a lot of misinformation that makes the decision process of the intended parents difficult.

So, if you are looking for surrogacy options for yourself, for someone you know or just seeking more information, it is important to recognize common myths and their truths. The top 5 most common myths that some people believe are true about surrogacy are mentioned in the post, let’s walk you through it.

Myth 1: Only celebrities and the rich can afford surrogacy.

Truth: Surrogacy among celebrities has gotten more attention lately but more common are the intended parents that are financing the journey to be able to afford their family creation journey.  The cost of surrogacy can vary depending on where you do it, the state specific requirements, and your specific needs, but there are always some ways to manage the financial side. There are a number of financial programs and resources that can help intended parents navigate the process. Simple Surrogacy endeavors to be the most cost effective Surrogacy Agency, and offers many options to help finance your journey and make it more affordable.


Myth 2: The surrogate is the baby’s biological mother, or has legal rights to the baby..

Truth: Gestational surrogacy is the most prevalent type of surrogacy, and is a type of surrogacy where the surrogate mother carries a pregnancy created through intro-vitro fertilization (IVF) using the sperm and eggs of the intended parents or with the genetic material of donors. Therefore, the surrogate mother just carries the baby for the intended parents and has no biological relation to the baby.


Myth 3: Surrogates are exploited and have no rights.

Truth: Ethical surrogacy practices such as we have in the United States, ensure the surrogate chooses freely, understands the physical, emotional, and legal aspects fully, and has independent legal and medical counsel. Surrogates undergo careful medical and psychological evaluations and are fairly compensated for their time, dedication, and the amazing service they provide.


Myth 4: Surrogacy is legally complicated and risky.

Truth: Surrogacy laws differ by country and state. If you enlist  the help of experienced legal professionals, they can make the process easy for both the intended parents and the surrogate. Legal contracts outlining the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties – intended parents, surrogates, and any egg or sperm donors – provide legal protection for everyone.


Myth 5: Surrogacy can harm parent-child relationships.

Truth: Studies show that children who are born through surrogacy are equally as healthy and fulfilled by their parent-child relationships as those conceived naturally. Just like any other family –  open and honest communication from the start is key, and many intended parents choose to involve their children in their surrogacy journey from a young age that promotes a positive understanding of their unique family story. There are even many books written on the subject of surrogacy that can be read to children starting at a young age.

Opting for surrogacy can be a complex but rewarding path to parenthood for many individuals and couples. By addressing these common myths and misconceptions, potential intended parents, surrogates, and the public can gain a clearer understanding of the realities and ethical considerations surrounding surrogacy.

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