Choosing an Experienced and Licensed Surrogacy Agency: Why It Matters

In the world of surrogacy, where dreams of parenthood are realized through careful planning and trust, the choice of a surrogacy agency can make all the difference. Recent events involving an escrow company, SEAM, serve as a stark reminder of why experience, licensing, and insurance are crucial when selecting providers to guide you through this journey.

SEAM, an escrow company supposedly serving the surrogacy community, has allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars in client funds. This shocking betrayal has left countless intended parents and surrogates financially stranded, unable to proceed with their family-building plans. What went wrong? SEAM’s principal owner’s only experience in the surrogacy world was as a surrogate, and she was relatively new to the surrogacy management side, had a recent history of bankruptcy, and lacked the proper credentials to manage a surrogacy escrow account. She has not been in contact with the Agencies and Intended Parents who trusted her to faithfully manage their funds and many are without the necessary resources to continue their journeys. This unfortunate situation underscores the risks involved when trusting inexperienced or improperly credentialed entities with such critical matters.

Experience and Trust: A Vital Combination

When it comes to surrogacy and managing escrow accounts, experience and trust go hand in hand. Established agencies like Simple Surrogacy, with over 22 years of experience, exemplify why reputation and track record matter. Simple Surrogacy isn’t just a bystander in the surrogacy world; they are leaders. They are licensed under the rigorous standards of New York State, known for having one of the most stringent licensing programs in the country. This licensing ensures adherence to strict guidelines and accountability, including the State verifying ownership, financial stability and liability insurance before issuing their certification of any Agency.

Moreover, Simple Surrogacy’s involvement in organizations like Men Having Babies, as a member of their Advisory Board, Gays With Kids founding advisor, SEEDS, and Resolve demonstrates our commitment to ethical practices and community standards. These affiliations are not just badges; they signify a dedication to transparency, professionalism, and client welfare within the surrogacy community.

Why Choose an Experienced and Licensed Agency?

1. Financial Security: Licensed agencies are required to adhere to financial guidelines and safeguards, reducing the risk of mismanagement or fraud.

2. Legal Compliance: Proper licensing ensures that agencies operate within the bounds of the law, protecting all parties involved in the surrogacy process.

3. Ethical Standards: Experienced agencies like Simple Surrogacy understand the complexities of surrogacy agreements, with their 22+ years of experience, ensuring that all parties’ rights and responsibilities are clearly defined and respected.

4. Longevity and Stability: Agencies with a proven track record are more likely to provide consistent support throughout the entire surrogacy journey, from matching to post-birth care.

5. Industry Recognition: Affiliations with reputable organizations indicate an agency’s standing within the surrogacy community, providing further assurance of their reliability and commitment to best practices.

In conclusion, the unfortunate events surrounding SEAM serve as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence when selecting a surrogacy agency. Experience, licensing, and insurance are not merely optional; they are essential safeguards that protect the interests and investments of all parties involved. Simple Surrogacy’s longstanding presence and exemplary credentials underscore why entrusting your surrogacy journey to an experienced and licensed agency is not just advisable—it’s imperative. When it comes to building your family through surrogacy, choose wisely, because the agency you select can make all the difference in achieving your dreams of parenthood.

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