5 Ways to Prepare For Your Surrogacy Journey

Starting a surrogacy journey is exciting for everyone involved. As a first time surrogate, preparations need to be made to ensure you have a safe and happy surrogacy journey before the process begins.

Between medical screenings, insurance, and the legal process sometimes we forget the fun parts of starting a surrogacy journey. Do these five exciting things to prepare for your journey in a fun way!



1. Find a Good Agency


A good agency can help you with your journey like no one else! At Simple Surrogacy for example, we are a staff of former surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents that are intimately familiar with how the process works. We also pamper our surrogates through presents, retreats, and more!

When you’re starting out, this can be a really exciting step. Once you find the right agency, your journey has begun in earnest.



2. Talk With Your Partner


For those surrogates in a committed relationship, tell your significant other about your plans to become a surrogate. They can share this joy with you and help you with the journey. As the pregnancy progresses, your partner will become more important in taking care of you, your home, and your children.

If you let them in from the start and let them know why you want to be a surrogate, they’re sure to be supportive of your efforts. Plus, everything is more fun with the person you love the most.



3. Tell Your Kids


Sometime soon, you’re going to be pregnant and there’s no hiding it from inquisitive children! Before you start the journey, you can prepare your children by giving them books about surrogacy, teaching it to them as a concept, and being honest about your intentions. Then, when it’s time to tell them you’re pregnant they will understand.



4. Start a Surrogacy Diary


Many people find a surrogacy diary really helpful to look back on after the process is over, or great as a baby present for their new child. Start the journal as early as you like, and document the entire process. You can start something personal as soon as you decide to start your journey. By journaling your experience, you can always remember how it was in the moment.



5. Think About Your Fantasy Journey


While your ideal situation is not always possible, it’s nice to imagine what your perfect journey would be like. This will help you in the long run, as you will know what you want in the legal stages, and be able to counter your fantasy with the reality of the process as it goes on.


If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, reach out here.

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