Making the Dream of Parenthood a Reality with Egg Donation

Egg donation has become extremely popular in recent years—resulting in thousands of pregnancies worldwide. With many couples delaying having children in order to advance their careers while creating financial stability, egg donation and the use of donor eggs have become extremely important for couples aiming to start a family. Unfortunately, for the majority of couples, the task of becoming financially stable has become a lengthy process—making it more difficult to become pregnant as time passes, hence why the use of donor eggs has increased as it allows women to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding even if their own eggs are not a viable option. 

In addition to starting a family, the use of donor eggs provides various benefits to recipients including; the opportunity of a healthy pregnancy, the ability to select your donor, flexibility and control, the possibility of future pregnancies (preservation of embryos), create stability and security before starting your family, healthier pregnancy and child, and a quicker route to pregnancy. 

The opportunity of a healthy pregnancy
For many women who cannot conceive naturally, they would still like to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding their child. Many couples believe these processes help to create a bond with their child but they also prepare them for parenthood as well. Also, for couples experiencing infertility, egg donation is considered to be the fastest path to a healthy and successful pregnancy.

The ability to select your donor
When a woman or couple chooses egg donation to start a family, they select their Donor. This provides them with various opportunities, including selecting a Donor that resembles themselves. A woman could potentially choose a family member to ensure the child shares as much genetic material as possible. Before selecting a Donor, it’s extremely important to speak with your partner and doctor about making the best decision possible for your family.

Flexibility and control

There are various approaches to egg donation, and you will have the opportunity to control the process as much as possible. Things to consider are the following:


  • Donor: You have the ability to select certain donor criteria or personally select your donor. 
  • Whether or not to use a Surrogate: It’s possible to utilize donor eggs from a Surrogate, have the eggs implanted into a Surrogate, or to get pregnant yourself.
  • Sperm to use: Pending on the health of your partner’s sperm, you can use their sperm with the donor eggs or you can select donor sperm. 
  • Additional eggs or embryos: If you select IVF, you could potentially preserve any additional embryos for future use. 
  • Number of cycles: The decision is completely yours—especially if you decide to preserve donor eggs for future cycles. 


Future pregnancies
Many couples aim to have more than one child and the use of donor eggs can make that happen by preserving eggs for future use. 

Create stability and security
It’s become more difficult to create financial stability and security before deciding to start a family but the use of donor eggs provides you with the ability to do exactly that. Donor eggs provide you with the opportunity to delay parenthood as you focus on advancing your career and establishing financial stability before transitioning your energy and efforts into starting your family.

Healthier pregnancy and child
When a woman becomes pregnant with her own eggs, potential problems may arise—especially with older mothers. Donor eggs are often considered to be healthier and increase the possibility of a healthier pregnancy and child.

Quicker path to pregnancy
Unfortunately, when a woman has a lower number of healthy eggs, becoming pregnant can prove to be a long and difficult process. Donor eggs can potentially provide a faster route to pregnancy for couples experiencing infertility, unhealthy eggs or ovulation difficulties. 

Due to the various benefits listed above, the use of egg donation has become extremely popular—and for good reason. Even though many women and couples experience difficulties becoming pregnant for various reasons, egg donation provides them with the ability to experience pregnancy firsthand. Regardless of the underlying issue causing pregnancy difficulties, starting a family is still possible with the use of donor eggs and Simple Surrogacy. Our specialists are available to discuss your options in complete confidentiality—providing you with comfort and security as we find the perfect solution to making your dream of parenthood a reality. Contact us today to get started!

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