Egg Donation and Agencies: Why It Matters

Egg donation can be a daunting, and often misunderstood, undertaking. A much more medically involved and time-consuming task than sperm donation, misinformation and misleading online ads may lead potential Egg Donors to feel overwhelmed by, or skeptical of the process itself, which is why it is more important than ever for Donors to choose the right agency to work with on their journey to give someone’s family the ultimate gift.  

For a myriad of reasons ranging from technological advances, to financial realities, to simple de-stigmatization, egg donation is becoming more commonplace. So why use an agency? 

    1. Required Screenings – No matter how you donate, egg donation is a heavily regulated process, and for good reason. Agencies stake their reputations on their results, and in this way, it doesn’t pay to cut corners. Using an agency means that a potential Egg Donor will be thoroughly screened both medically, genetically and psychologically – which means an early rejection can save a lot of heartache down the line. If an agency vets you and gives you the green light to proceed, it means that they are confident that you will be a viable donor. While being rejected can certainly be a disappointment, it is also a crucial layer of protection for the potential Egg Donor. 
    2. Matchmaking Made Easy – Matches between Intended Parents and Egg Donors are carefully curated and not at all interchangeable. While it’s assumed and even considered natural that Intended Parents will be concerned with the motivations of their Egg Donor, this can also weigh on the mind of a potential Egg Donor in regard to the Intended Parents: “Are my eggs going to a loving and stable home?” With a reputable agency like Simple Surrogacy behind you, you can rest easily knowing any matches brought to your attention will have been thoroughly vetted and verified, and that your donation will be going to a family that is doing this for the right reasons. 
    3. Reliable Compensation – While it can be somewhat of the elephant in the room, the reality is that compensation plays a key role in whether or not someone becomes an Egg Donor. Going through an agency ensures that your compensation will be competitive, will adhere to all legal guidelines, and that the compensation will be transparent and forthcoming, assuming the Egg Donor fulfills their obligations. In other words, nobody can decide to simply not pay their Donor (or pay their Donor any less), based on the yield of the retrieval itself.


  • No Legal Surprises – Apart from being medically involved, egg donation is a legal process as well. With an agency, there are no surprises: the contract is done eyes-wide-open with a legal team of your own that is provided at no cost (to you). This team will walk you through your contract, paragraph by paragraph, to ensure you understand what you are signing, and will be available to you should you have any questions once you have signed. 
  • Medical Insurance and Care – While egg donation is not especially risky, there are medical risks with all medical procedures. When you donate through an agency, the Intended Parents will be legally required to purchase a health insurance policy on your behalf, to cover anything that may come up with regard to the donation and fertility treatments. 
  1. Reliable Access to Support – If you are undergoing an involved and intimate medical procedure like egg donation, odds are, at some point you are going to have questions – even if you’re a more seasoned Donor. With an agency in your corner, you will have doctors, nurses and case specialists at your disposal for the duration of your cycle, with your happiness and physical well-being as our top priority, from the first medical screening, to the days following the retrieval itself.  This kind of access can certainly be available outside of an agency but there are no guarantees.
  2. References – Any fertility agency worth their salt can provide you with a long list of happy customers, and Simple Surrogacy is no different. Without satisfied customers and happily growing families, agencies have no purpose. That is why we are so proud of the glowing reputation we have in the industry as a full-service agency here to take care of all of your fertility needs. We believe in going above and beyond for the people we work with, whether they’re Intended Parents, Egg Donors or Surrogates. 

Choosing to become an Egg Donor is a selfless and beautiful act that can single-handedly change an entire family’s life in the span of roughly six weeks, but it is not an easy one that just anyone can undertake. Everyone involved deserves to be treated with respect and care and that’s why Egg Donors should not only choose to donate through an agency, but through one with a world-class reputation like Simple Surrogacy. Our full-service team is here 24/7 to assist our Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors alike, as they embark on the next step of their respective journeys, and that will never change!

Are you curious about egg donation or about becoming an Egg Donor? Simple Surrogacy would love to hear from you! Contact us today. 

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