Why Choose An Egg Donor

For as far back as she could remember, Ally always dreamt of someday having a family of her own. She knew in her heart one day she would find the right person for her, and together they would build a legacy. And that one day came around, she met the partner of her dreams, and the beginning of her happily ever after blossomed. As time went on, however, the heartbreaking reality of their situation set in, as they came to realize they could not conceive a child. Multiple failed attempts, days and nights of pain and tears, Ally fell into a deep depression.
Situations like these are not uncommon. The more we talk about these realities, the more we realize we are not alone, and the more we realize there are solutions to help along the way. This is just one example of many reasons why people may seek an egg donor. Whether you are struggling with infertility, or are of advanced age, an egg donation agency such as Simple Surrogacy just may be the answer to your troubles.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is the process by which a fertile woman donates her eggs to enable another woman to conceive, and there are various qualifications a woman must have in order to become an egg donor. The procedure typically involves a doctor removing an egg (or eggs) from the donor, fertilizing them in a laboratory, then transferring the resulting embryos into the recipient’s uterus. And the end result of egg donation? Helping to build a family for those who are unable to build on their own.

So, why should you use an egg donor?

From infertility troubles to being of an advanced age, egg donation is a solution that has helped many, and here at Simple Surrogacy we are proud to include egg donation opportunities to our families that we serve. Oftentimes, couples cannot be helped through in vitro fertilization (IVF), and as a result may consider using donor eggs – a process which allows an infertile woman to carry a child and give birth. If you have any of the following conditions, you may want to consider egg donation:

  • A previous history of failure with IVF
  • The eggs that you have are of low quality. This may be as a result of age as fertility drops after age 40
  • Premature ovarian failure – a condition whereby menopause has started much earlier than usual
  • Genetically transmitted disease that could be passed on to your child

Choosing a donor

Most egg donation is anonymous, though some couples prefer to know their egg donor. An egg donor contract should explicitly outline the terms of any future relationship between the intended parents and the egg donor, even when the donor is a close friend or relative.
Finding a donor on your own can be faster than going through a clinic, but this comes with a disadvantage: You will have to interview the donor yourself rather than having a professional screen and evaluate her. This may become exhaustive as it is imperative that donors be tested for any genetic disorders or diseases. At Simple Surrogacy, we make sure you do not have to worry as we conduct extensive screening and provide you with detailed information about the medical history, background, and education of your donor.

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