Things to Think About Before Becoming a Surrogate

If you have thought about becoming a surrogate and giving the gift of life to those for whom it might not be available otherwise, good for you! There are many things that you must consider, however, before committing to the momentous decision to become a surrogate. Here are a few things that you should contemplate before deciding to be a surrogate mother for Simple Surrogacy. 

How Will Surrogacy Affect Your Health?

Surrogacy agencies such as Simple Surrogacy have criteria in place that prospective surrogates must meet before they can become full-fledged surrogate mothers. These requirements are designed to protect everyone, including the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother must be in good health before beginning the journey to fulfilling intended parents’ dreams. This includes her physical, emotional and mental health. For that reason, surrogates at Simple Surrogacy must meet the following health-related requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 21 to 40
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 33 or lower
  • Have experienced at least one full-term pregnancy and normal delivery
  • Not smoke or take illegal drugs
  • Not have any psychiatric illnesses

Do You Have a Support Network?

In order to be a successful surrogate mother, you must have a strong support network of family and/or friends behind you, rooting for you all the way. Your hormones will be off-kilter at times during pregnancy, possibly making you emotional or tired, and having support people around you will be vital to your success and happiness during this time. Additionally, you will need people who are willing and able to accompany you to medical appointments and meetings with intended parents. Friends and family can also help you to answer questions posed by those who might be a bit nosey about your situation or who simply want to understand more about the surrogacy process. The more people you have in your corner, the better. 

How Will Your Children React?

Before becoming a surrogate, you should consider your own children and their reaction to seeing their mommy pregnant with another person’s child. They will need to be taught about surrogacy and understand that you won’t be bringing this baby home with you from the hospital. This can be a great educational moment in a child’s life!  

Are You Ready for the Medical Side of Surrogacy?

You must meet medical guidelines and be willing to take all injections and medications that may be prescribed by a doctor during the surrogacy process. Make sure that you are mentally and physically ready for the IVF process and all that surrogacy entails. You should research what will happen so that there are no surprises down the road. The representatives at Simple Surrogacy can talk with you more about what to expect as we have a team composed of former surrogates that have gone through this exact process. 

What Type of Relationship Do You Want With the Intended Parents?

This is something that you must decide before being matched with intended parents, so that you are placed with parents who desire the same type of relationship with their surrogate. Do you want that relationship to be open, with the intended parents meeting your own family and becoming a part of each others’ lives? Do you have any interest in being a part of the baby’s life after birth? These are all considerations you should ponder before making the decision to become a surrogate mother.

Simple Surrogacy would be delighted to talk to you further about the process of becoming a surrogate. Contact us at (866) 461-4550 or fill out our online form for more information. We are looking forward to speaking with you!

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