Talking About Infertility with Family And Friends

Infertility can be a difficult topic to discuss with family and friends. From the fear of judgment to acceptance of terrible news, this may be the most difficult conversation that you have ever had to have with your family or friends. If you feel that you’re ready to talk about infertility with your loved ones, here are some tips to guide the conversation.

Decide How Much You Want to Share

It is important to decide how much you want to share with your family and friends. There is no right amount to share. This decision is completely up to you! Some people like to be open about their infertility with their family and friends and others don’t. Both are ok! It’s also important to decide with your partner how many, if any, details that you want to share with your family and friends. It is always important to respect each other’s wishes and the need for privacy!


If you choose to talk with your family about your infertility, it can be helpful to rehearse what you want to say. Whether you want to practice in the mirror, in front of someone, or just write notes, rehearsing can really help you feel more confident and ensure that you mention everything that you want to mention to your friends and family! Rehearsing can also ensure that you use specific words or phrases that can help your family and friends understand exactly what you are going through. Some people even make a list of possible questions that they will be asked so that they have some answers prepared!

Choose Your Moment

Life is busy. If you have decided to talk with your family and friends about your infertility, it is important to pick a time when everyone will be available and not distracted. We suggest finding a private place where you feel comfortable being open and honest. This way you won’t have the added anxiety of being surrounded by strangers or being rushed. You also will be able to show emotion and honesty without feeling embarrassed.

Tell Them How They Can Support You

Infertility is not an easy thing to overcome. When we are dealing with challenging events in our lives, it is important to have a support system. Everyone wants and needs different levels or types of support. That is why it is important to tell your friends and family the best way that they can support you. Whether it is phone calls, questions, or anything else, let them know what will work best for you!

Time Apart

It is important to take time for yourself during this challenging time. You may be feeling emotionally drained and tired from learning about your infertility. This may mean that you will have to take a step back from family functions or events. This is okay! Let your family know that this is not about them and that you just need some time to process the situation alone or with your partner. Other people want to be around family and friends more often during this time. This is fine as well! If this is the way that you feel then you should tell your family and friends that you would really like their support in person during this time.

The Future

It is important to let your family and friends know how you feel about the future. You may opt for a treatment or surrogacy, but it is important to let them know whether or not you want them to ask about this process. If you’re comfortable with them knowing about the treatment, it may be important to ask them to refrain from asking about pregnancy tests or other results. Explain to them that when the time is right and you are comfortable, you will talk to them about the process.

What Simple Surrogacy Can Do for You

We know how challenging your road has been, and that is why we always make sure to treat all of our clients with courtesy, respect, and compassion. If you are experiencing infertility, there are several options available for you through Simple Surrogacy.


When you make the decision to work with Simple Surrogacy, you will be assigned a designated coordinator. This individual will be with you for your entire process to provide you with help, answer questions, and to guide you on your journey towards becoming a parent or growing your current family!

Our Process

We are members of RESOLVE (The National Infertility Association) as well as the American Fertility Association. This means that we follow all of their guidelines as well as all of the guidelines of the Egg Donation, Surrogacy, and Reproductive Medicine community. We put the health and wellbeing of our clients and our donors first!

Egg Donors

At Simple Surrogacy, we have a database of Egg Donor profiles that you can browse. These profiles are of Egg Donors that we have carefully selected after they have met our long list of criteria. These profiles will show you information about each Egg Donor so that you can select the ones that most appeal to you.


Surrogacy is a great way to grow a family. At Simple Surrogacy, we have a list of surrogates for you to choose from! Our surrogates each have profiles so that you can learn more about them and choose the surrogate that is right for you. Once you select a surrogate, we will then introduce you to one another and host counseling sessions so that you can decide if you’re the right match for each other!

At the end of the day, it is important to do what feels right for you. If Surrogacy or Egg Donation feels right, or you have questions about the process, contact our team today! Our staff is filled with previous Egg Donors and Surrogates who can provide you with personal and knowledgeable advice! Visit our website today to get in touch with a member of our team to start your journey!

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