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Many women enjoy being pregnant. From the glowing skin to the baby bump, there’s a lot to love about the pregnancy journey. Many people who enjoy being pregnant, but aren’t looking to expand their family, choose to give the gift of parenthood to those who can’t conceive on their own through surrogacy. Do you have friends that love being pregnant? Refer them to us and you could earn $1000*!

Why Refer A Friend to Simple Surrogacy?

There are many different reasons why you should refer a friend to become a surrogate with Simple Surrogacy. One of the main reasons that people choose to become a surrogate is to change an individual or couples life. Surrogacy provides options for individuals or couples who cannot conceive on their own. When you choose Simple Surrogacy, you’re choosing a female owned and 95% female staffed, agency. Our staff is composed almost entirely of former and/or current surrogates and egg donors! Our agency is co-owned and co-founded by Stephanie Scott. Stephanie is a three time previous surrogate who can provide you with all of the information you need because she knows the journey you are about to embark on, inside and out.

Why Are We Offering a Referral Bonus?

When you refer your friends to become a surrogate with Simple Surrogacy we will give you a referral bonus of $1000. Surrogacy is extremely important, so we want to reward everyone involved in the process. The more surrogates that we find, the more families that we can help have children – and we think that deserves a bonus!

What to Tell Your Friends

If you decide to discuss surrogacy with a friend, there are many benefits to becoming a surrogate with Simple Surrogacy that you can tell them about. We understand the process and the gift that surrogates give because we are all mothers and have given birth to children. We also work tirelessly to give all of our surrogates the information that they need and to show them that they are appreciated for the selfless gift that they are given.

Working with our agency has many other benefits including:

  • Compensation held in a Bonded Escrow account
  • Simple Surrogacy does not issue a 1099 to surrogates
  • Surrogates choose the intended parents first
  • Experienced team filled with previous surrogates to provide support 24/7 by phone
  • Retreat or getaway if you choose
  • Personalized push gifts
  • BBB A+ Rated business for over 15 years

If you know someone who would enjoy becoming a surrogate, refer them to Simple Surrogacy today! Our team will work with them from start to finish and beyond to help them provide a deserving individual or couple with the gift of a child.

*Your $1,000 bonus will be paid out once the legal contracts are completed.

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