Surrogacy Agencies – Texas Advantages

The process of surrogacy helps people achieve their dream of parenthood. No matter what the circumstances of infertility, surrogacy brings together intended parents and surrogates with the mutual goal of conception and the birth of a beautiful baby.

Surrogacy agencies are there to make the surrogacy journey simple and stress free for everyone so you can focus on what’s important. Agencies provide a wide variety of services for egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents.

If you’re considering surrogacy, think about the state of Texas and its advantages in the surrogacy process. Surrogacy agencies, such as Simple Surrogacy, can offer attractive fees because of the Texas Advantage.

Surrogacy Cost and the Texas Advantage

Agencies that are located in Texas can offer advantages and benefits to their clients that agencies in other states can’t. At the top of the list is cost. They can offer lower costs because they operate in a state that has no state income tax, allowing them to have lower fees than costal agencies.

Lower Overhead

The cost of living in Texas is 10 to 15% lower than in other parts of the country. For agencies in Texas this means lower rent and office expenses and utilities, lower professional services, and lower personnel salaries. This lower overhead allows Texas surrogacy agencies to pass the savings on to you.

Central Location

The state of Texas is centrally located in the country so clients can affordably travel back and forth, lowering travel expenses.

Texas Advantage for Married Couples

For intended parents who are a married couple living in Texas, there’s the added advantage of state laws in regard to gestational surrogacy. Texas law protects the rights of married couples who have entered into a legal agreement and arrangement for donor and gestational surrogacy. The intended parents are the legal parents if an agreement was signed at least 14 days before embryo transfer to the surrogate. This ensures that the intended parents will have their names on the birth certificate. The Texas Advantage protects your rights as parents regardless of the biology of your child.

Criteria to Meet Texas Law

To take advantage of Texas surrogacy laws, you’ll need to meet a few criteria:

  • You must be legally married.
  • A medical doctor must certify that there’s a need for surrogacy, such as the intended mother is unable to carry a baby, or the pregnancy is a risk. Other conditions may include if either the intended mother or father is unable to safely conceive.
  • The gestational surrogate must have had at least one successful pregnancy and delivery.

Last Words

The choice of surrogacy agency is entirely up to you as intended parents. No matter what Texas agency you use, they’ll be there to provide you with all the services you need during the journey and to navigate you through the legal and financial matters of the surrogacy process.


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