Support Resources for Prospective Surrogates

If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, you likely have many questions, but may not know where to turn for answers. Surrogates have formed some online support groups that may provide the answers you are looking for. More than that, online surrogacy support groups provide a community of surrogates that you might not be able to find within your local area. Although a surrogacy agency, like Simple Surrogacy, can answer many of your questions and can also put you in touch with fellow surrogate mothers with whom you can discuss issues, if you are looking for others who understand, check out the following support resources for prospective surrogates.

This online support group,, which has been in existence since 1997, has a website as well as a Facebook and Twitter page. On this website, you will find sample surrogacy contracts, professional sponsors, classified ads, message boards, timely articles, surveys and much more. Surrogates or prospective surrogates can even ask their surrogacy-related questions to doctors and lawyers. is an online surrogacy community that offers information on becoming a surrogate mother and/or egg donor. It also offers information to intended parents who are looking for surrogate mothers. Discussion boards, professional sponsors, classified ads, news articles and information on the surrogacy process is included within this website.

Surrogates and Intended Parents Facebook Group

The Surrogates and Intended Parents Facebook Group is not meant for matching surrogates and intended parents. Rather, it is a support group for prospective or experienced surrogate mothers as well as intended parents. Created in 2007, this group was formerly known as Surrogate Mothers. As of 2019, it has over 16,000 members and does not allow for agency promotion, private messaging of members, or any attempts at matching intended parents and surrogates.

All Things Surrogacy Facebook Group

The All Things Surrogacy Facebook Group is a private group that was created in 2013. It was created for surrogate mothers, intended parents and egg donors to ask questions and share experiences in a closed, private setting. The group has over 2600 members as of 2019.

Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy Facebook Support Group

The Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy Facebook Support Group is a closed, private group designed for surrogates and intended parents. Created in 2014, five years later the group numbers just over 700 members. It provides valuable information for those who are considering surrogacy as well as for those who are already involved in the surrogacy process. offers a place where you can find local, in-person surrogacy groups within your area. Simply search to find groups in your local region. Many of the meetup groups listed are for intended parents or those struggling with infertility, but surrogates can find their own meetups as well.

The website is a well-known site within the surrogacy sphere and provides all types of information about and for surrogate mothers. It offers detailed information for intended parents and surrogates on egg donation, the surrogacy process, the IVF process, surrogacy laws, pregnancy and much more. It also allows the user to search for surrogates, donors and specialists in their local area.

If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, Simple Surrogacy would love to talk to you! Please call us at 1-866-41-SURRO or fill out our online form. We are looking forward to speaking with you soon!


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