Simple Surrogacy Spotlight: Darla, Support Coordinator

“I was in my early twenties and becoming a surrogate mother was the furthest thing from my mind. It was not until I had a very unplanned, yet very lively conversation with a woman who was a surrogate, and absolutely loved it, that the thought occurred to me. I put that thought to rest, while it always remained at the back of my mind, until I had my last child. I loved being pregnant and it felt right. Pregnancy was an experience I deeply enjoyed, and the thought of helping another person’s dream come true only made me feel like I needed to at least explore the idea a bit more.

Fears and delight, trials and triumph, joy and pain. Four surrogacy experiences later, I can happily and confidently say I achieved that! From helping with surrogacy for gay couples to traditional couples, I have walked in my purpose. Today, working with surrogates as a Support Coordinator is something I thoroughly enjoy, encouraging them through the highs and lows, ups and downs and uncertainties and certitudes the journey entails.”

Darla is one of Simple Surrogacy’s longest Support Coordinators. Having gone through four surrogacies herself, some were unsuccessful but nonetheless, educating and an experience to help her grow. The knowledge, support and encouragement Darla provides is priceless. She has also worked as a social worker with a mental health background, adding an additional layer of understanding and compassion as she relates to her clients. She works closely in conjunction with surrogates, another support coordinator and parent coordinators and often encourages open communication, whereby if something is not running smoothly it is addressed and reinsures everyone’s needs are met legally, medically and emotionally. “There is the reality there that women are human,” Darla says, “and it’s not all sunshine and roses. Pregnancies have complications. But with support and courage, at the end of it all, you will always have that moment you experienced that no one can take from you, and you did something you wanted to do!”

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