Qualification to become an Egg Donor

Are you thinking about becoming an Egg Donor with Simple Surrogacy? Thank you for considering donating through Simple Surrogacy. Your selfless act will help benefit a deserving couple or individual. As previous donors and surrogates ourselves, we understand the decision that you are making and that you may have a few questions before you get started. Keep reading to learn answers to some of our frequently asked questions!

Does Egg Donation Impact Future Fertility? 

Many potential Egg Donors are curious to know if Egg Donation will impact their future fertility. The answer is no! Women are born with a lifetime supply of eggs which is between one and two million. Every menstrual cycle, approximately 15-20 eggs mature inside the follicles in the ovaries. Typically one egg is released for ovulation. The rest of them stop growing and are discarded. When you begin the Egg Donation process, you will receive medication. This medication will cause all of the eggs in your follicles to develop, instead of just one. Our team will then collect the 15-20 matured eggs that will be released. This means that only the eggs that would have been discarded naturally are removed.

What Are The Qualifications To Become An Egg Donor?

There are several qualifications that must be met in order to become an Egg Donor with Simple Surrogacy. These qualifications include:

  • Between the ages of 21-30
  • Be a Canadian or United States resident
  • Have a minimum of a high school education or equivalent
  • Be height-weight proportionate (BMI must be 30 or lower)
  • Have a genuine desire to assist a couple or individual in creating or adding to their family

There are several other qualifications that must be met. To see the full list, visit our website. 

Why Should I Be An Egg Donor With Simple Surrogacy?

Simple Surrogacy is highly regarded in the surrogacy and egg donation community. Our co-owner, Kristen Hanson, is a three-time experienced Egg Donor, and all of our staff are either donors, surrogates or intended parents through surrogacy. We are members of Resolve (The National Infertility Association) as well as the American Fertility Association, and we have a 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau. We work hard to offer our clients significantly reduced fees as well as a unique perspective on egg donation and surrogacy from a team of previous surrogates and egg donors.

If you’re considering becoming an Egg Donor with Simple Surrogacy, contact us today! Our team will help answer any other questions that you have and guide you on your journey from start to finish. 

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