Private vs. Professional: Why You Should Always Use an Agency

So, you’ve come this far on your journey to grow your family and you’ve decided to move forward either with Egg Donors, a Surrogate, or both – what next?  How do you find that person or people? While you by no means have to go through an agency, it’s highly advisable that you do so, for a myriad of reasons ranging from legal to health and back again.


Full-service surrogacy agencies like Simple Surrogacy, have been around this particular block before, and as a result offer sophisticated, cutting edge screening processes that ensure you a level of access to the personal and medical backgrounds of your Donor and/or Surrogate that is much harder to reliably come by without our experience and resources. For Intended Parents, the need or desire for this info includes the Donor/Surrogate’s physical health, as well as basic compatibility and potential values issues. Choosing a compatible Donor or Surrogate is important for all parties involved, first and foremost being the child-to-be.

And conversely, all of the before is true for the Donor or Surrogate as well: going through a reputable agency like Simple Surrogacy means the Donor/Surrogate can rest easily, knowing the candidates for Intended Parenthood have been vetted and approved of as well.

Room to Breathe

Another crucial thing an agency provides is a built-in mediator of sorts. Intended Parents and Surrogates/Donors have enough on their minds without possible breakdowns in communication or stress getting the better of them. After all, Intended Parents are preparing to raise a child, and Surrogates are preparing to embark on a journey to bring that child into the world. Having an agency means that the rest of it – scheduling, the legal processes, travel arrangements, and everything else you can imagine – is taken off of the plates of both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate as much as possible, which helps to keep potential problems between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate at a minimum.

 Support System

Lastly, but by no means least importantly, established agencies like Simple Surrogacy provide a level of support that can be invaluable to the surrogacy process. No matter what the scenario is, we’ve got an entire team of specialists who are prepared to handle it for you, or to help navigate you through it, should we be unable to handle it without involving you. When you work with Simple Surrogacy, we are your support system – and that’s the way it ought to be.

 If you have any questions regarding surrogacy or egg donation, please contact us.

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