Personal Stories of Surrogate Mothers

At Simple Surrogacy, we highly value our surrogate mothers and cherish the vital role that they play in the surrogacy process. Our co-founder and co-owner, Stephanie Scott, has been a surrogate mother three times and understands the cares and concerns of prospective gestational surrogates. We would like to share with you the personal stories of two women who have chosen to give the gift of life through becoming a surrogate mother. (All names and details have been changed to protect the privacy and confidentiality).

Sophia’s Story

Sophia is a 37-year-old single mom of an only child, a son, aged five. She was drawn to become a surrogate mother through some problems that she and her now ex-husband experienced in the conception of their own child. Her then-husband found that he had a low sperm count, and IVF was recommended as the couple’s next step. Before they could begin medical intervention, however, Sophia discovered, to her delight, that she was pregnant! She remembered those feelings of hopelessness that she had experienced when she thought pregnancy might not be a possibility for her, however. This moved her towards considering becoming a surrogate mother a few years later.

After noticing a social media ad for a local surrogacy agency, Sophia thought about how she would like to be able to help intended parents through gestational surrogacy. She did some internet research on her own to find out if her state allowed gestational surrogacy. At the time, Sophia’s life became busy and she and her family were in the process of moving to another state, so she forgot about becoming a surrogate for a while.

When she and her family had completed their move, Sophia once again thought about becoming a surrogate mother. She discovered that surrogacy was legal in her new state as well, and proposed the idea to her husband of becoming a surrogate. While his first reaction was to shoot down the idea, Sophia convinced her husband to attend a local support group, which they did together. After that, her husband was on board with the idea of his wife becoming a surrogate mother.

Sophia signed on with a local surrogacy agency and went through their interview and screening process. After meeting the agency’s requirements, she received an intended parent profile via email from her agency coordinator. The intended parents were a heterosexual, married couple about her age who had lost their first pregnancy and had a second, premature delivery of a very small infant, who thankfully survived. They were advised not to become pregnant again, and therefore, turned to surrogacy to complete their dream of a two-child family. Sophia was particularly moved at the couple’s involvement with their local chapter of the March of Dimes, and knew that she was destined to help this couple fulfill their dreams.

As the couple was from another state, Sophia flew to their fertility clinic in that state and was checked out. Once she was medically cleared, IVF procedures began, and a healthy embryo was transferred to her uterus three months later. She and the intended parents were delighted to find that the first transfer was successful. Sophia and the intended parents became as close as family during her pregnancy, as the intended parents attended the ultrasounds and even shared holiday meals with her.

Sophia was lucky to experience an easy pregnancy and delivery as a surrogate, as she had with her own son. Although she was now divorced, her ex-husband, with whom she was still friends, drove her to the hospital where she spent 45 minutes in labor and delivered a healthy baby girl. She says she will never forget the moment the baby was handed to the intended parents and the look of delight and wonder in their eyes.

Four months after delivery, Sophia still keeps in touch with the intended parents a few times a week. They send her photos of the baby, and share each other’s lives. She plans to remain friendly with them for life.

Alyssa’s Story

Alyssa is a 30-year-old married mother of two who was moved to become a surrogate mother when she watched a friend’s fertility struggles. Alyssa didn’t know where to turn when she wanted to find out more about the surrogacy process, so she asked her sister, who had been a surrogate herself. Her sister took her to a local surrogacy support meeting, where Alyssa met some contacts from the nearby surrogacy agency. She spoke with her husband about the possibility of becoming a surrogate and he was supportive, although neither of them knew quite what to expect.

Alyssa went to the required screenings and interviews, as well as medical appointments, to get approved through the surrogacy agency her sister had worked for to become a surrogate mother. She was matched with an intended parent couple from Canada and clicked when they met in person. Alyssa chose to tell her own two daughters about the surrogacy process and even brought them to meet the intended parents, so that they could fully understand the lifetime connection the families would have with each other. They kept in touch via email and text until the embryo transfer a few months later, in which everyone was present. The transfer was successful, and nine months later, Alyssa brought their healthy baby boy into the world.

Alyssa admits that the financial incentive of becoming a surrogate mother was a big part of the reason she made the decision to embark upon this journey. However, the chance to educate others about surrogacy and teach her daughters about generosity and giving to others were both equally important to her and her husband. They cherish the fact that their family has been extended by three, and plan to stay in touch with the intended parents and their baby boy for years to come.

Become a Surrogate

If you would like to give the gift of life to intended parents, as Alyssa and Sophia have done, contact Simple Surrogacy today. We can explain the surrogacy process to you in further detail and answer any questions you may have. We invite you to call us at 1-866-41-SURRO or fill out our online form. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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