Newly Divorced & Need Income? Consider Becoming a Surrogate

Life does not always follow the trajectory we imagined. After a recent divorce, you may find yourself wondering how to navigate the next chapter of your life. Leaving a partner can come with significant lifestyle changes. If you once shared a bank account, for instance, you may be trying to sustain yourself on a trimmed budget.

If you are in need of extra income, there are many areas to explore. But have you ever considered becoming a surrogate? Surrogacy can be an extraordinarily fulfilling opportunity that comes with financial security.

The Financial Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate

There is a wide range of money you can earn as a surrogate. Depending on the state you live in an average of $37,000 to $47,000+ per pregnancy is what you can expect. Usually, surrogates are paid in monthly installments throughout the course of their pregnancy.

You are not responsible for any costs related to the pregnancy, and often a monthly allowance is given to cover such costs. For example, maternity clothes, childcare for your own children, prenatal vitamins, doctor’s appointments, travel costs to appointments, insurance co-pays, etc. Not to mention, surrogates can also hold down other jobs while they are pregnant.

Qualifications for Surrogate Mothers

The qualifications you need to become a surrogate mother can vary, but most adhere to guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Meeting these guidelines gives assurance that you are able to safely carry a pregnancy to term for another person. You must meet the following basic standards:

• Be between the age of 21 and 40.
• Have previously carried a pregnancy to term.
• Your previous pregnancies had no major complications.
• You have not taken anti-anxiety or antidepressants for one year.
• You have a healthy BMI, with a doctor’s seal of approval.
• You are raising your own child at home.
• You must not have gotten a new tattoo or piercing within one year of starting the surrogacy process.
• Emotional and Psychological Qualifications
• Beyond your physical fitness and health, a surrogate mother needs to be emotionally and psychologically fit to stand the challenges of surrogacy. For this reason, you will be evaluated both in a medical and psychological screening. If you have a spouse or partner, they may undergo the psychological screening as well.

Often, other factors are considered and preferred well. These may include (depending on the agency):

• No criminal record.
• Not receiving governmental financial support.
• Being a non-smoker.
• No history, at any point in time, of clinical mental illness.

The financial incentives for surrogate mothers only grow as they successfully complete their first pregnancy. Aside from the possibility of forming new friendships with intended parents and playing an important role in their journey, you can make more money if you choose to be a surrogate mother more than once.

Final Thoughts

For those who are in good health, have the desired qualifications, and are looking for a viable source of income, surrogacy is a fantastic option. Not only is it a way to be financially secure, but you are also filling an extraordinary role that truly makes an impact on the lives of those trying to start a family.

We, at Simple Surrogacy, can answer any questions that you may have about becoming a surrogate and whether it is a viable option for you. In fact, many of our staff have previously been surrogates themselves and can give you the unique perspective that only a surrogate can. Contact us at (866) 461-4550 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you quickly!

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