How to become a Surrogate

Are you considering becoming a surrogate? Congratulations! You are embarking on a journey that will forever transform the life of another couple or individual. We are aware that this selfless deed is not a small undertaking. This means that you probably have a few questions. That’s why we created this list of common questions and answers that surrogates have for us!

What Qualifications Do I Need To Have To Become A Surrogate?

There are several requirements to become a Surrogate with Simple Surrogacy. Some of these include: 

  • Be between the ages of 21-40 (Traditional Surrogates must be under 35)
  • Have given birth to a child of your own
  • Have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries
  • Be height-weight proportionate (BMI must be under 34)
  • Be able to pass a background check
  • Be willing to adhere to all contractual obligations throughout the process

There are several other requirements that must be met. To see a full list, visit our website!

How Does Matching Work?

At Simple Surrogacy, we work to match all of our Surrogates with Intended Parent(s) that share your values and with whom you enjoy working. It is important that both sides are appreciated. Surrogates are going through a physical journey and Intended Parents have typically been through a lot to get to this point. That’s why we work hard to ensure that both sides are understood and heard! The first step in the matching process is the Surrogates- she picks her Intended Parents first. Once you like a profile, the potential Intended Parent match will then get a copy of your profile. Once there is mutual agreement that you each like each other’s profiles, we will schedule a mediated phone call. If both sides agree to move forward, we will schedule an in-person meeting, usually at the clinic.

How Soon Will I Be Matched?

Every Surrogacy journey is different. Some Surrogates are matched within a few hours and some wait a few weeks or longer. The time taken to match depends on several different factors including:

  • Personality
  • Location
  • Compensation request
  • Insurance coverage
  • Willingness to terminate if there are chromosomal defects
  • Willingness to reduce if there are triplets or a higher-order multiple

This may seem like a long list of criteria, but taking the time to make sure that each match is a great fit makes the remainder of the journey simple and hassle free.

How Many Tests Will I Take?

Many Surrogates are curious about the number of tests that they will have to take during their journey. The range of testing typically varies from clinic to clinic, based on their specific requirements. There are however FDA requirements for the testing of Egg Donors and Sperm Donors. This was introduced in 2005 to protect the Surrogate mother. As a Surrogate, you will be tested for STDs and communicable diseases. In order to establish life insurance, you will also need to be tested for Nicotine and illegal drugs. You will also have other general physical tests to ensure that you are in great condition to be able to safely carry the pregnancy without risk to you or to the baby.

I’ve Had My Tubes Tied, Can I Still be a Surrogate?

Even if you have had your tubes tied, you can still become a Surrogate! Becoming a Gestational Surrogate does not require you to use your fallopian tubes. The IVF clinic will impregnate you with an embryo transfer that is done directly into the uterus, so having your tubes tied does not affect the process.

Can I Pick My OB Or Midwife? Can I Pick My Delivery Hospital?

At Simple Surrogacy, we know the comfort that choosing your OB/Midwife and selecting the hospital that you’re going to deliver in brings. That’s why we allow our Surrogates to choose their midwife/OB and hospital. As a woman who has given birth before, you are the best person to decide how you would like to do it again. When you apply to be a Surrogate with Simple Surrogacy we place your delivery preferences in your profile and we match you with an intended parent based on your preferences. We also include your birth plan in your profile. The only time that this could change is if there are any complications during your pregnancy or birth. 

Do The Intended Parents Stay In The Delivery Room?

This is a very common question among new surrogates. The answer is dependent on the hospital’s protocols and the type of delivery you have. Some hospitals have limits on the number of people that can be in the delivery room, but with a vaginal delivery, most allow that your partner be there as well as the Intended Parents. With a c-section delivery, there would be fewer people allowed, so that is usually your husband or partner unless you decide otherwise. When you work with Simple Surrogacy, your coordinator will help you sort out all of the details before you give birth. Your decisions about what you are comfortable with are also very important to Simple Surrogacy staff, as we are experienced donors and surrogates ourselves!

What Is The Texas Advantage?

Many people choose to work with Simple Surrogacy because of our Texas Advantage. Simple Surrogacy is located in Dallas, Texas. 

One of the biggest benefits being located in Dallas, Texas allows us to offer our Intended Parents is lower costs. The cost of living in Dallas, Texas is 10-15% lower in comparison to California, New York, Florida, and several other states. This means that we are able to save money on several aspects of our client’s journeys which in return means savings for them. It is our strong belief that as the surrogate, you are doing the majority of the work during the pregnancy, and your fees should always be the primary focus of the Intended Parents. By keeping our fees the lowest among major agencies, that allows the Intended Parents to more easily afford the Surrogate’s compensation.

Another Texas Advantage is the Assisted Reproductive Technology law (ART). This law states legal guidelines on gestational surrogacy agreements which help ensure that the Intended Parents become the legal parents of the child, regardless of biology. This means as the surrogate, you never have to worry that you are the legal parent of the child or children. The laws protect each party in the gestational Surrogacy, and every surrogate gets her own independent legal counsel to be sure she understands the agreement. We also have Egg Donor laws in place to protect both parties. When you choose Simple Surrogacy, you will be protected from start to finish!

Even though we are located in Dallas, Texas, we work with Surrogates, Egg Donors, and Intended Parent(s) from nearly every state. Since Dallas is located centrally we are able to easily work with people from coast to coast. We are also located close to one of the country’s largest airports, Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, which helps make travel arrangements a breeze.

Do I Have To Live In Texas To Work With Your Agency?

No, you do not have to live in Texas to work with our agency! We work with surrogates from every state where surrogacy is legal. We would be delighted to be your agency and to treat you with the respect and attention you deserve. As we are co-owned by previous donors and surrogates, we have been in your position before and know how to fully guide and support your journey so you have the best possible experience. Gestational Surrogacy Arrangements use the laws of the state that you reside in. This means that as long as your state is Surrogacy friendly, you can work with Simple Surrogacy. Not sure what the laws are regarding Surrogacy in your state? Contact us today!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Surrogate with Simple Surrogacy or would like to apply, contact us today! Our team of experts will help guide you through the process and will be there for you from start to finish.

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