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If you have ever considered becoming a surrogate mother, chances are there are a million thoughts running through your mind at once.  Is this the right thing for me? What if something happens along the way? What will people think? With all the hormones that come with pregnancy and postpartum, will I have regrets after delivering the baby?  These thoughts, although seemingly endless, are very normal, and okay to think. At Simple Surrogacy, it is our duty to answer these questions and put your mind at ease.  One of the most important things we value is the postpartum experience for you as the surrogate mom.  Whereas having a strong support system is fundamental prior to and while you are becoming a surrogate, one thing that sets Simple Surrogacy apart from other surrogacy agencies is the unending love and support we pour into our women after giving birth.


The Journey

You have gone through the screening process, you have been matched with the perfect parents-to-be for you, and your pregnancy journey has begun.  You are another step closer to making the seemingly impossible come true for someone else – whether it is a couple who has tried but cannot conceive, surrogacy for gay couples, or a single mother or single father surrogacy – you are about to provide the greatest gift one can possibly ask for in life. The gift of life and the gift of love- a family!  And Simple Surrogacy is there for you every step of the way. Flashforward to giving birth, and the emotions in the room are indescribable.  The energy is high and there is nothing but love and tears of joy filling the atmosphere.  You have just done something that takes compassion and courage, and you’ve just made an entirely new and beautiful life come true for someone else.  Then the baby goes home with his or her parents, and you return to the beautiful family you have for your own.  Now what?

The Next Chapter

At Simple Surrogacy, your surrogacy journey does not end in the delivery room.  Your hormones may be all over the place and yet again, a million thoughts may be running through your mind at once.  You are not alone.  There is a community right here waiting for you with open arms.  You are divine and you are a champion, and you deserve to be treated as such.  There are a number of counseling services we offer to our surrogate mothers, as well as push presents that we feel are in a small way, a thank you for the beautiful gift you have given. Additionally, we know the challenges that may come postpartum, and there is no better way to manage those challenges than with a getaway with the ones you love.

The Destination

The best way to cruise away all emotion and hormonal roller coaster rides is none other than…a cruise!  Our surrogate retreats are one of our most favorable events to attend. It allows surrogates and their spouses time to relax, rejuvenate and spend time together after an incredible nine month journey.  The retreat fee covers almost the entire cost for two people in an interior suite and attendees are welcome to upgrade their rooms at their own expense. Cruise destinations are recommended by our travel agent, who is also a former intended father in our program.  On our cruises, you are able to unwind, escape everyday life and create memories and bonding experiences with other surrogates who have been through similar processes.   As a surrogacy agency, these cruises allow us to show our surrogates how much we appreciate the time and effort they have committed to help another family. Our coordinators spend much time with surrogate mothers during their journey, and they look forward to being able to continue their relationship and friendship on a different level. We strive to continue our support beyond just the cycles and pregnancy, and recognize the healing and new relationship that intended parents and surrogates develop after delivery. This retreat allows surrogates to remind themselves they did something so life changing, and deserve to now take some time for themselves and family.  And for our upcoming retreats, we are excited that not only will spouses come along for the ride, but surrogates’ children as well!  In the past, Simple Surrogacy has traveled to Cozumel, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Honduras to name a few.  Will you be joining us on our next adventure?





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