Coming To Terms With Surrogacy As An Intended Parent

We know how important it is for every couple to build a family of their own. For women specifically, the idea of having to depend on another woman to carry your baby can be difficult. At Simple Surrogacy we are here for you! We promise that we will be there to guide you throughout the whole process, from start to finish. As women ourselves, we can understand what you are feeling. If you are an intended parent thinking of surrogacy as a choice to grow your family, this blog is dedicated to breaking down the surrogacy process, step by step. Whether you are an intended mother unable to carry a child, same sex parents trying to grow your family, a single intended parent, or someone who struggles with infertility, there is still hope in having the family you’ve always dreamed of! 

Procedure For Surrogacy 

When preparing for surrogacy as an intended parent, it is important to determine your goals and be honest and truthful about the kind of surrogate you want. There are two different kinds of surrogacy procedures to become familiar with – Traditional Surrogacy 
(IUIs) and Gestational Surrogacy 
(IVF). Being transparent, and open about what you want from the beginning is key to your surrogacy process. As with any relationship, communication is the key to establishing a healthy relationship between intended parents and surrogates. Try to keep an open mind but never be afraid to voice your opinion, as this is your special experience! Remember that surrogates are partnering with you to make your dreams of family come true.

The Matching Process

Surrogacy brings with it many blessings—the largest of which is the creation of new life and the start of the intended parent’s new family journey. At Simple Surrogacy, we ensure the most individualized experience by finding the perfect surrogate match for you! Each potential surrogate mother is screened, background checked, financially checked, and criminally checked, including a psychological screening by a mental health professional. To see a full list of surrogate qualifications and to learn about all things surrogacy, visit our website

Screening and Medical Process For Intended Parents

The Surrogate Medical Screening Process for intended parents is generally a review of your medical history, including infectious disease screening. If you have already had frozen embryos, you will not have to undergo the medical screening process, only your surrogate will. 

Legal Matters

There are many benefits that come with being an intended parent when matching with a Texas Surrogate in particular, as Texas is home to some of the best surrogacy clinics worldwide. As a result, the Texas surrogacy process is about as stress-free and cost effective as you will find anywhere. At Simple Surrogacy, we have pre-negotiated rates with attorneys that will save you a significant amount of money compared to other states in the country. With Texas having favorable surrogacy laws, Texas offers a simple two-step legal process, no matter sexual orientation. 

*See full Legal List here*

Once you undergo the steps listed above, you are one step closer to becoming an intended parent and embarking on a beautiful new journey. Growing your family through surrogacy is one of the most unique experiences to go through. Remember to enjoy the process for what it is. You are in control of how you want this experience to go, which is why it is important to go into surrogacy with a positive mindset and understanding of the surrogacy process, step-by-step!

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