How Do I Benefit from Becoming an Egg Donor?

Do you know someone who has struggled with infertility or pregnancy complications? Or someone who has exhausted all of their options for starting a family? There are thousands and thousands of couples who grapple with these problems, but there’s a way you can help – through egg donation!

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the process where a woman will donate her eggs to help others start a family of their own through assisted reproduction. This process usually involves in-vitro fertilization where the eggs are fertilized in a laboratory or frozen for later use.

Why Do Women Donate Their Eggs?

Women donate their eggs in order to help other women who are unable to conceive on their own. Egg donors simply want the best for a couple wanting to start a family and genuinely want to help them become parents. Due to infertility, many women struggle with conceiving. Having the support and generosity of a stranger who wants to donate their eggs can be an incredibly good feeling. In fact, many women have enjoyed donating their eggs and had a positive process.

Egg Donation Compensation

With egg donation, there is a variance in the amount paid depending on your experience, education, the state you live in, and the demand for your eggs. The average pay is between $5,000 and $10,000. Women typically use their compensation money for tuition payments, to pay off debts, donate to charity, or spend it where they choose. The prospective parents take care of the costs of:

–    Medical Expenses

–    Egg Donor Insurance

–    Attorney Fees

–    Travel Expenses

–    Egg Donor Compensation

–    Food Allowance

–    All other Reasonable Expenses*

At Simple Donations, donors are compensated $7,000 for a first-time donation and $8,000 and up for repeat donations. There is paid mileage for travel to and from doctor appointments, for child care appointments, lost wages, airfare, hotel accommodations, and more.

Learn About Your Body

Due to the extensive screening required prior to the egg donation process, you will get a better sense of how your body works and how you can become healthier. After seeing your doctor, a psychologist, and gynecologist prior to the procedure, you will feel more informed about your body and well-being. Also, if you want to conceive in the future, knowing all of this information will be very helpful and valuable.

The Big Reward

An egg donation can be a life-changing experience for the donor and for the intended parents. As a donor, you would be helping a couple become parents and grow their family. Through this process, you will also gain a sense of self-fulfillment from knowing that you’ve given an amazing gift to a deserving family. The process is simple and Simple Donations will help throughout the entirety of it.

Why Become a Donor with Simple Donations?

Simple Donations is a subsidiary of Simple Surrogacy, LLC. Simple Donations assists couples, who are unable to conceive, through egg donation. Simple Donations works with both couples and single individuals who are seeking assistance in having a child. Simple Donations is highly regarded as one of the easiest and simplest routes to take for your donation process. With the knowledge and experience from our professional staff, we can ensure a service that you can trust and be satisfied with. We provide exceptional service to give you support and comfort throughout every step of the process.

At Simple Donations, we keep it simple. We handle each client’s case differently and make sure it’s smooth for both the donors and the intended parents. Each client also has a personal coordinator that will answer all of their questions any day or time.

Thinking of donating your eggs and changing someone’s life forever? Visit Simple Donations for more information and contact us today!

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