Gestational Surrogacy for Gay Parents: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

  Surrogacy is one of the top reproductive options that are considered by gay couples and individuals. Surrogacy offers the LGBTQ community the opportunity to have children that are biologically related to them and fulfills the wish to start a…

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Choosing Your Surrogacy Agency: Everything Surrogates And Donors Should Expect

Whether you want to be a surrogate or an egg donor, making the decision about which agency to use can be difficult and confusing. You’ll have many questions about what to expect and what’s involved with each process. We’ve simplified…

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Lesbian Surrogacy: The First Year After Birth

The process of lesbian surrogacy is exciting and amazing – you and your partner will soon bring home your little one and become a family. As you get ready to navigate the first year after birth, be prepared for some…

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Surrogacy For Gay Couples: Choosing an Egg Donor

You’ve made the big decision and you’re excited to begin the journey of surrogacy so you can become parents to a wonderful baby boy or girl. But before the journey starts, you’ll need to choose an egg donor. Egg donation…

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Surrogacy in Australia

Although in Australia, surrogacy laws vary within each state, throughout the country, it is illegal to engage in any type of domestic commercial surrogacy agreement (that is, compensated surrogacy or surrogacy for money). Altruistic surrogacy, however, is legal in all…

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