Debunking Surrogacy Myths

Surrogacy is a hotly debated topic because of the myths that surround it. It is portrayed incorrectly in media, skewed in the news, and now is completely misunderstood by most people who haven't researched the process.  Simple Surrogacy wants to…

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Questions to Ask Your Intended Parents

So you've signed up to be a surrogate, been approved, and are now matching with intended parents! Fantastic, the process has begun. But you're experiencing a new problem: what do you ask them?  With Simple Surrogacy, we make sure our…

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Interview With An Intended Parent

We sat down for an interview with one half of an incredible Intended Parent duo whom we’ve had the pleasure of not only working with in the past and knowing personally but now working with again! Between the bustling and…

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Traditional vs. Gestational Surrogacy – What does it mean?

Surrogacy has a long history, and as science has evolved we have developed new ways to bring life into the world that can help surrogates and intended parents in the process. Laws regulating both forms of surrogate journeys are strict…

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Can You Get Parental Leave When Having A Child By Surrogate?

Those first few months with your child are so important. You get to know them, see many of their firsts, and have the chance to bond with your new addition. In the past, Parental Leave has not always been forgiving…

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