What is surrogacy and what benefits has it brought to society?

How surrogacy works: key facts to consider Surrogacy has become a popular topic of conversation for Americans in recent years and continues to grow in the present as a family planning and reproductive option. But what is surrogacy? Oftentimes, the…

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Simple Surrogacy: Now Approved to Practice in New York State

The team at Simple Surrogacy is so excited to be able to work with Surrogates in the State of New York, as we were recently approved for our New York Surrogacy license and are ready to hit the ground running!…

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Egg Donor Selection Made Simple

For new Intended Parents, the procedure for how to go about selecting your Egg Donor can seem daunting. While most agencies have developed a system that attempts to simplify things as much as possible for their clients, we here at…

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Surrogacy in the News

With so many major current events, it’s hard to keep track of news coming out on topics outside of the Covid-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and political upheaval, which is why we’re bringing you surrogacy new updates from 2021! We’ve compiled…

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Everything You Need to Know about Egg Donation Costs in Dallas

There are several different paths for people to take to grow their families. From IVF to Surrogacy, there are several different routes, with egg donation becoming an increasingly popular method. The first question that many Intended Parent(s) have about egg…

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